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World War III Looms Potential Hotspots and Tensions Rise

 World War III Looms Potential Hotspots and Tensions Rise

World War III Looms Potential Hotspots and Tensions Rise
World War III Looms Potential Hotspots and Tensions Rise(Image-Getty) 

World War III, a possibility--better called a fear than a 'probability'--had been rumored for a long time. Sometimes that war will start centered on China, sometimes - or America, sometimes centered on Russia - such is the political circles concerned. And that opinion cannot be dismissed. Because, the world-situation has almost indicated that in recent times. Either Russia-Ukraine war, Israel-Palestine war, Pakistan-Iran tension or China-Taiwan tension. As a result, the world trembles with the fear of a major war at all times.

And the fear of nuclear war is mixed with this fear. Any superpower can start a nuclear war whenever they want. Sometimes Russia's Putin threatens, sometimes North Korea's Kim Jong Un!

AI bot ChatGPT has made terrible predictions about what state leaders will do and what not to do when this is the global political situation. ChatGPT mentions 6 countries. Countries from which World War III may start.

Which country or region can start this third world war? North Korea, Middle East, Taiwan, Eastern Europe, South China Sea, India-Pakistan.

North Korea is constantly testing new missiles. Big powers like China are supporting them. So world war can start anytime from here. The Middle East has been in conflict for a long time. Among them is the intense conflict between Israel and Palestine. There is tension in Iran. Civil war is going on in Syria. A large-scale conflict can break out from this region at any time. Tensions between China and Taiwan are also increasingly turning into conflict. Conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region are also fear-mongering. World War may start in Eastern Europe. The region is always hot because of Russia, Ukraine and NATO. Meanwhile, China and its neighboring countries are also in dispute over the authority of the South China Sea. And there is tension between India and Pakistan. The two countries regularly exchanged fire on the border.

Sino-Indian tensions have also recently developed over Tibet, Arunachal Pradesh. Although chatgpt has not said anything about this region.

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