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Analyzing FPL Captain Choices for Blank Gameweek 26

 Analyzing FPL Captain Choices for Blank Gameweek 26

Erling Haaland, Bukayo Saka,Ollie Watkins
Analyzing FPL Captain Choices for Blank Gameweek 26


In the upcoming Blank Gameweek 26 of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), managers face crucial decisions in selecting their team captains. While Erling Haaland remains a popular choice, alternatives like Bukayo Saka and Ollie Watkins emerge as strong contenders due to their recent form and favorable fixtures.

1. Player Analysis

Haaland's Dominance: 

Erling Haaland, Manchester City's prolific striker, boasts immense popularity among FPL managers, featuring in over 75% of squads. With 28 points accumulated in the last four Gameweeks, Haaland presents a formidable option despite a recent return from injury.

Saka's Surge: 

Bukayo Saka from Arsenal and Ollie Watkins from Aston Villa emerge as compelling alternatives. Saka, priced at £9.1m, has showcased outstanding performance, securing 49 points in the last four Gameweeks, marked by six goals and 10 bonus points.

Watkins' Consistency:

 Ollie Watkins, valued at £8.7m, demonstrates consistent form, amassing 40 points with four goals and three assists in the same period.

2. Statistical Comparison

Goal Involvements:

 Saka and Watkins lead in goal involvements, surpassing Haaland in the last four Gameweeks.

Shot Statistics: 

Haaland's shot statistics, including shots on target and shots in the box, reflect his prolific goal-scoring potential despite a slight decline in conversion rate compared to Saka and Watkins.

3. Home/Away Form Analysis

Haaland's Away Dominance: 

Haaland's away performance stands out, with impressive involvement in big chances and a superior conversion rate compared to Saka and Watkins in home matches.

Saka and Watkins at Home: 

Saka and Watkins maintain consistency in home fixtures, indicating a reliable goal threat against their respective opponents.

4. Opponent Analysis

Newcastle's Vulnerabilities: 

Newcastle's defensive vulnerabilities present opportunities for Saka, with the Magpies conceding 12 big chances in recent matches.

Bournemouth's Resilience: 

Despite Bournemouth's sturdy defense at home, Haaland remains a formidable threat due to his exceptional away record.


Haaland's Edge:

 Despite a slight dip in form, Haaland's exceptional away statistics make him a compelling captain choice for Blank Gameweek 26, especially against AFC Bournemouth.

Saka and Watkins:

 Saka and Watkins emerge as worthy alternatives, leveraging their recent form and favorable home fixtures against Newcastle United and Nottingham Forest, respectively.

In conclusion, while Haaland maintains his position as the preferred captain choice for many FPL managers, Saka and Watkins offer viable alternatives based on recent form and fixture analysis. As managers strategize for Blank Gameweek 26, careful consideration of player performance and opponent weaknesses is paramount for maximizing point potential.

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