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Liverpool's Matchweek 25: Andrew Robertson's Tactical Return

 Liverpool's Matchweek 25: Andrew Robertson's Tactical Return

Andrew Robertson of Liverpool
Andrew Robertson of Liverpool is challenged by Lorenz Assignon of Burnley during the Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Burnley FC at Anfield on February 10, 2024 in Liverpool, England.(Image-Getty) 

Adrian Clarke dissects pivotal tactical aspects and influential players ahead of Matchweek 25.

Player Analysis - Andrew Robertson (Liverpool):

Andrew Robertson's return from injury injects vitality and equilibrium into Liverpool's lineup. The Scot seamlessly reintegrated into Jurgen Klopp's squad after a four-month hiatus, displaying his trademark dynamism against Burnley.

During his absence, Konstantinos Tsimikas and Joe Gomez admirably deputized, with Gomez excelling in an unfamiliar left-sided role. However, Robertson's comeback enhances Liverpool's overall skillset and offensive prowess, unmatched by his stand-ins.

His anticipated appearance against Brentford promises to bolster Liverpool's efforts against Thomas Frank's compact 5-3-2 formation.

Difference in Attacking Dynamics:

Gomez's tactical flexibility, including his midfield inversions and defensive adaptability, admirably filled Robertson's void. However, there was a discernible shift in Liverpool's attacking dynamics during his tenure at left-back.

Robertson's wider positioning and increased contributions in the final third offer a more expansive attacking dimension. His presence prompts a varied distribution strategy, with long diagonal passes targeting the left flank.

With Robertson's return, Liverpool's left-sided attacks intensify, fostering overlap situations and 2v1 opportunities.

Crossing Prowess and Energetic Style:

Robertson's arrival from Hull City in 2017 marked him as one of the Premier League's premier crossers. Against Burnley, he showcased precise deliveries, encouraging forward movement from Liverpool's attackers.

His crossing accuracy surpasses that of Tsimikas and Gomez, eliciting runs from his teammates. Robertson's energetic style, evidenced by his top speed and sprint frequency, amplifies Liverpool's tempo and attacking impetus.

Additionally, Robertson's propensity for progressive passes and dribbles amplifies Liverpool's offensive threat, particularly against deep-lying defenses like Brentford's.


While Liverpool's stand-in left-backs admirably contributed during Robertson's absence, his return fortifies Liverpool's resolve and attacking verve. Klopp's side benefits from Robertson's multifaceted skill set and energetic playing style, presenting a more formidable challenge for opponents.

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