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Fantasy Premier League GW24: Captains & Form Analysis

 Fantasy Premier League GW24: Captains & Form Analysis

Erling Haaland  Fantasy Premier League captain
After returning to Manchester City's starting XI in their previous match, Erling Haaland (£14.2m) looks likely to be the runaway captain pick in Gameweek 24 of Fantasy Premier League.(Image-Getty) 

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 24: Captaincy Choices and Form Analysis

As Gameweek 24 of Fantasy Premier League unfolds, Manchester City's Erling Haaland emerges as the prime candidate for captaincy, given his resurgence in the starting lineup and soaring ownership. However, the landscape offers more than just Haaland, with other top contenders vying for consideration.

Haaland's return to form has propelled him to a staggering 65% ownership, backed by an influx of 419,000 transfers ahead of City's clash with Everton. Yet, in the City lineup, Kevin De Bruyne stands tall as a potent alternative, amassing 24 points in the last three Gameweeks since his return from injury.

Elsewhere, Son Heung-min re-enters the fray for Tottenham Hotspur after South Korea's exit from the Asian Cup, adding to the array of options available for Fantasy managers.

In the realm of in-form players, several alternatives present themselves with favorable fixtures. Phil Foden of Manchester City leads the charge, having accumulated 40 points over the last four Gameweeks, closely followed by Richarlison of Spurs and Cole Palmer of Chelsea, both boasting impressive contributions.

Richarlison, notably, has thrived since his shift to a forward role in Gameweek 15, emerging as a top performer with nine goals and 71 points to his name. Meanwhile, Diogo Jota of Liverpool mirrors Foden's attacking prowess, making a compelling case for inclusion in Fantasy squads.

Delving into underlying statistics, Foden and Richarlison shine brightest, with impressive shot tallies and key passes, underscoring their potential for consistent returns. However, scrutiny reveals potential vulnerabilities in players like Jota, whose exceptional conversion rate may not be sustainable.

Analyzing home and away form further illuminates the captaincy conundrum. Richarlison's home performances rival Haaland's output, while Jota's efficiency warrants attention despite fewer minutes played compared to Son.

Assessing opponents' defenses adds depth to decision-making, with Palmer poised to exploit Crystal Palace's leaky backline. Everton's defensive solidity, despite statistical anomalies, suggests challenges for Fantasy assets facing them.

In the quest for the optimal captaincy choice, Haaland's central role in City's attack remains formidable, especially against Everton's suspect defense. Richarlison emerges as a compelling alternative, given his consistent goal threat, while the return of Son and James Maddison offers further tactical considerations.

Ultimately, Gameweek 24 presents Fantasy managers with a plethora of options, each laden with potential and strategic nuances, making the captaincy decision pivotal in shaping outcomes on the virtual pitch.

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