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Strategies for Double Gameweek 28 and Beyond

 Strategies for Double Gameweek 28 and Beyond

Kelly Somers
Amazon Prime pundit Kelly Somers during the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Manchester City at Villa Park on December 06, 2023 in Birmingham, England.(Image-Getty) 

Navigating the complexities of Double Gameweek 28 followed by a Blank Gameweek 29 in Fantasy Premier League requires careful planning and astute decision-making. Fear not, as Kelly Somers and the FPL Pod team are here to provide expert guidance and insights to help optimize your FPL squad.

 Understanding the Double and Blank Gameweeks

As FPL managers brace themselves for the unique challenges posed by Double Gameweek 28 and Blank Gameweek 29, Kelly Somers and the FPL Pod team delve into the intricacies of managing player rotations, maximizing potential points, and leveraging the Free Hit chip strategically.

Insights from the Podcast

The latest episode of the FPL Pod covers a range of essential topics to assist managers in navigating the upcoming gameweeks:

Juls' Remarkable Rank:

Julien Laurens shares insights into his remarkable FPL rank and offers valuable tips for FPL success.

Dealing with Doubles and Blanks:

 Strategies for optimizing player selections amidst the flurry of double and blank gameweeks.

Exploring Bournemouth Options:

 Analysis of potential picks from Bournemouth for Double Gameweek 28.

Single Gameweekers and Differentials:

 Evaluating the value of single gameweek players and identifying differentials to gain an edge in FPL.

Transfers and Captains:

Tactical considerations for transfers and captaincy choices to maximize point returns.

Meet the Podcast Presenters

Kelly Somers:

 A seasoned broadcast presenter and reporter with a deep passion for football and FPL.

Ian Irving:

A sports broadcaster with extensive experience in hosting player interviews and manager press conferences.

Sam Bonfield:

An FPL pundit known for her analytical approach and keen eye for spotting differentials.

Julien Laurens:

 A French football journalist renowned for his insightful FPL analyses and strategic player selections.


As FPL managers gear up for the challenges presented by Double Gameweek 28 and Blank Gameweek 29, the FPL Pod serves as a valuable resource for expert advice and strategic planning. Join the conversation, harness the insights, and elevate your FPL journey to new heights of success.

Stay tuned to the FPL Pod for the latest updates, strategies, and expert opinions to enhance your Fantasy Premier League experience.

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