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The Virtual Showdown: 2023/24 ePremier League Championship

 The Virtual Showdown: 2023/24 ePremier League Championship

2023/24 ePremier League Championship
Live action during the ePremier League finals at Elstree Studios on January 21, 2024 in Borehamwood, England(Image-Getty) 

The 2023/24 ePremier League Championship: A Spectacle of Virtual Football

The 2023/24 ePremier League Championship is set to captivate football fans worldwide, showcasing the talent of top EA SPORTS FC players representing each Premier League club.


Entering its sixth season, the ePremier League Championship continues to draw the best EA SPORTS FC players globally. This season promises fierce competition and thrilling matches as 40 players vie for the prestigious title.

Competition Format:

Each Premier League club is represented by two finalists, one on Xbox Series X|S and the other on PlayStation 5. The knockout stages see collaborative efforts between club players, competing against other clubs' pairings in 1v1 matches.

Key Dates and Matches:

The tournament unfolds across two action-packed days:

 Saturday 23 March: 

The knockout stages commence, with 16 clubs aiming to secure quarter-final spots.

Sunday 24 March: 

The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and grand final will determine the 2023/24 ePL champions.

Contending Clubs and Players:

Notable players include past champions like Tom Leese and Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt, alongside rising stars and seasoned veterans representing their respective clubs.

How to Watch:

Football enthusiasts can catch the excitement live from Elstree Film Studios in London via the Premier League's YouTube channel, EA SPORTS FC Twitch Channel, Sky Sports, and TNT Sports.

Prizes and Rewards:

A substantial prize pool of £100,000 awaits, with rewards distributed among club representatives based on their performance. Viewers also have the opportunity to earn in-game rewards and participate in ePremier League-themed objectives.


The 2023/24 ePremier League Championship promises electrifying matches, showcasing the intersection of virtual football and Premier League passion. Get ready to witness the drama and excitement unfold as players compete for glory on the virtual pitch.

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