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Akram's Journey with Crystal Palace Foundation

Akram's Journey with Crystal Palace Foundation

Akram's Journey with Crystal Palace Foundation
Akram's Journey with Crystal Palace Foundation

Premier League clubs' community initiatives make a significant impact. Akram's story with Crystal Palace exemplifies this, showcasing how football fosters inclusion and empowerment.


The Premier League and Professional Footballers' Association's Community Fund have spearheaded impactful initiatives across England and Wales since 2010. Here, we delve into the remarkable journey of Akram, whose involvement with Crystal Palace's community programme epitomizes the transformative power of football.

Akram's Beginnings:

Hailing from Croydon, Akram seamlessly balances his finance studies with a vital role at the Palace For Life Foundation, Crystal Palace's charitable arm. Over the past two years, he transitioned from a volunteer to a certified coach, spearheading the "Get Involved" programme. This initiative aims to engage young individuals from the Asian and Muslim community in football, fostering cohesion and battling discrimination.

Community Integration through Football:

Akram's journey began with an after-school football club, where he was the inaugural participant. Recognizing his passion, the Foundation nurtured his potential, propelling him to lead community sessions, tournaments, and special events like iftars during Ramadan. Through these initiatives, Akram not only promotes football but also champions social integration and inclusivity within his community.

Personal Growth and Fulfillment:

For Akram, football transcends physical activity; it serves as a sanctuary from life's stresses and an avenue for personal growth. As he mentors young talents and facilitates community events, Akram witnesses firsthand the transformative impact of football on individuals and communities alike. His journey underscores the importance of representation and empowerment, especially for marginalized groups within football.

Driving Change and Overcoming Challenges:

Akram's involvement in "Get Involved" has empowered him to challenge stereotypes and break barriers. As an Asian coach, he confronts discrimination head-on, advocating for inclusivity and equal opportunities in football. Through perseverance and dedication, Akram aims to obtain coaching badges and pursue a career in elite football, inspiring others to follow suit.


Akram's story epitomizes the Premier League's commitment to community engagement and social impact. Through initiatives like "Get Involved," football becomes a catalyst for change, fostering unity, empowerment, and opportunity within diverse communities. As Akram continues to lead by example, his journey embodies the spirit of resilience, inclusion, and progress championed by Premier League clubs' community programmes.


 Akram's story underscores the transformative power of football in fostering community cohesion and empowerment. It highlights the positive impact of Premier League clubs' community initiatives on individuals and society as a whole.

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