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Premier League Takes Strong Action Against Tragedy Chanting

 Premier League Takes Strong Action Against Tragedy Chanting

Arsenal fans show their support
Arsenal fans show their support from the stands during the Barclays Women´s Super League match between Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC at Stamford Bridge on March 15, 2024 in London, England(Image-Getty) 

Date: March 22, 2024

Author: Premier League

Section 1: Arsenal Fans Banned for Tragedy Chanting

Three Arsenal supporters have each received a three-year football banning order for tragedy chanting during an FA Cup tie with Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on January 7th. The fans pleaded guilty to a section five public order offence.

In a statement, Arsenal FC condemned the behavior, expressing zero tolerance for tragedy chanting and welcoming the football banning orders handed out. The Premier League fully supports the club and police in taking swift, strong action against these individuals.

Section 2: Premier League's Commitment Against Tragedy Abuse

The Premier League strongly condemns all forms of football tragedy abuse. Tragedy-related chanting is unacceptable, and the League, alongside clubs, The FA, and EFL, are committed to working together to address it as a priority.

Tough measures were introduced at the start of the season, allowing for stadium bans and potential criminal prosecution for offenders, whether the abuse occurs in the stadium or online.

As part of these measures, the Premier League launched education resources in November 2023 to help children understand the impact of negative behavior like tragedy-related abuse. These resources are available to thousands of primary schools and teachers in England and Wales as part of the Premier League Primary Stars program.

Section 3: Conclusion

Tragedy-related chanting has no place in football, and the Premier League remains steadfast in its commitment to eradicating such behavior from the game. Through swift action and comprehensive education initiatives, the League aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for all fans, players, and stakeholders.

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