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Empowering Communities: Premier League's Impact on Leyton Orient

 Empowering Communities: Premier League's Impact on Leyton Orient

Lucy Frazer
Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport Lucy Frazer with Southend United assistant manager Darren Currie (second left) at Brisbane Road, home of Leyton Orient Football Club, London. Picture date: Tuesday March 19, 2024(Image-Getty) 

Premier League's Investment in Leyton Orient: A Story of Community Empowerment**


In East London, Leyton Orient and the Premier League are fostering community growth through football. Janna's journey epitomizes the impact of their collaborative efforts.

Janna's Story:

Janna, once a young football enthusiast, found her passion nurtured through Leyton Orient's Premier League Kicks sessions. These free football sessions, funded by the Premier League, provided her with opportunities to hone her skills and inspire others.

Club Initiatives:

Leyton Orient is among 90 clubs supported by the Premier League, receiving substantial funding for community programs. This financial backing enables Leyton Orient to offer various initiatives, including Premier League Kicks, nurturing talents like Janna.

Financial Support:

Over three years, Leyton Orient received significant funding from the Premier League, facilitating the delivery of community programs like Premier League Kicks. Recent investments, including funds for a hybrid pitch, underscore the Premier League's commitment to grassroots football.

Empowering Girls:

Janna's journey is emblematic of the Premier League's efforts to promote inclusivity in football. Through Leyton Orient's Emerging Talent Centre (ETC), she joins thousands of girls nationwide, benefiting from initiatives aimed at fostering their football careers.

Investment in Women's Football:

The Premier League's investment in ETCs has significantly boosted girls' participation in football. Janna's involvement highlights the impact of this investment, signaling a promising future for women's football.

Personal Development:

For Janna, football transcends the pitch, shaping her character and confidence. Through football, she learns communication and leadership skills, embodying the values of teamwork and inclusion.

Community Recognition:

Janna's remarkable journey earned her recognition as a Community Captain under the Premier League's More Than a Game campaign. Her dedication and leadership make her a role model for aspiring young footballers.


The collaboration between Leyton Orient and the Premier League exemplifies football's transformative power in communities. Janna's story underscores the importance of investment in grassroots football, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in the beautiful game.

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