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The Best Fantasy Premier League Captain Choices for Double Gameweek 28

 The Best Fantasy Premier League Captain Choices for Double Gameweek 28

Bukayo Saka of Arsenal
Bukayo Saka of Arsenal (L) celebrates with teammate Declan Rice after his cross leads to an own goal from Jayden Bogle of Sheffield United (not pictured) to give Arsenal their second goal during the Premier League match between Sheffield United and Arsenal FC at Bramall Lane on March 04, 2024 in Sheffield, England(Image-Getty) 


In Double Gameweek 28 of the Premier League, fantasy managers are presented with enticing captaincy options. From Dominic Solanke's promising fixtures to Bukayo Saka's midfield prowess, the decision is rife with strategic implications.

Dominic Solanke and Carlton Morris:

AFC Bournemouth's Solanke and Luton Town's Morris emerge as viable captaincy candidates due to their Double Gameweek fixtures. Solanke faces Sheffield United and Luton, while Morris confronts Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. Solanke's knee injury complicates matters, with a late fitness decision expected.

Comparison with Top Scorers:

Solanke and Morris compare favorably with top performers like Erling Haaland and Bukayo Saka. While Haaland dominates in goal threat statistics, Morris and Solanke boast impressive attacking records since Gameweek 22.

Bukayo Saka and Ollie Watkins:

Arsenal's Saka and Aston Villa's Watkins present strong single-Gameweek alternatives. Saka's midfield classification provides an edge in points accumulation, while Watkins excels in goal involvements.

Assessing Statistics:

Analyzing home and away form, Solanke shines with potential against weak defensive sides. Morris's away form, however, highlights inconsistencies. Haaland's away record and Watkins' home statistics offer contrasting insights.

Opponents' Defenses:

Examining opponents' defensive vulnerabilities, Solanke benefits from facing Sheff Utd and Luton, who concede numerous chances. Saka's matchup against Brentford appears promising due to their defensive frailties.


Considering defensive weaknesses and form, Solanke emerges as a prime candidate for the armband, pending his fitness. Morris's away form and all-round potential make him a compelling choice. Saka and Watkins stand as viable alternatives, leveraging their respective teams' strengths against weak opposition.

Final Thoughts:

As managers ponder their captaincy decisions, weighing form, fixtures, and injury concerns becomes imperative. Solanke and Morris offer lucrative prospects, while Saka and Watkins remain potent alternatives. The choice ultimately hinges on risk appetite and strategic foresight.

By navigating through the intricacies of player statistics and opponent analysis, fantasy managers can optimize their captaincy selection and maximize their points haul in Double Gameweek 28.

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