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Navigating Double Gameweek 28 in Fantasy Premier League

 Navigating Double Gameweek 28 in Fantasy Premier League

Issa Kabore (L) of Luton Town
Issa Kabore (L) of Luton Town is held off by Morgan Rogers during the Premier League match between Luton Town and Aston Villa at Kenilworth Road on March 02, 2024 in Luton, England.(Image-Getty) 

As the deadline for Double Gameweek 28 (DGW28) approaches, Fantasy Premier League managers are seeking expert advice to optimize their squads. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of essential insights and strategies:

1. Scout Selection: 

The best 11 players for the upcoming Gameweek are meticulously chosen, providing a benchmark for managers to consider.

2. Double Gameweek and Blank Gameweek Strategy: 

With AFC Bournemouth and Luton Town playing twice in DGW28 and only four matches scheduled for Blank Gameweek 29 (BGW29), experts outline optimal planning strategies.

3. Fantasy Show: 

Three FPL experts discuss hot topics, reveal their teams, and offer insights into team selection and strategy for DGW28.

4. Wildcard Squad: 

FPL expert Sam Bonfield unveils her ideal 15-player squad for both DGW28 and BGW29, offering managers a blueprint for success.

5. Captaincy Decisions: 

The Scout evaluates top captaincy candidates for DGW28, analyzing defensive stats and opponents to aid managers in making crucial decisions.

6. Best Bournemouth and Luton Picks:

 Key players from both teams are identified for maximum point potential, guiding managers in player selection.

7. Injury Updates and Chip Strategy:

 The latest club-by-club injury list helps managers navigate player fitness concerns, while the Scout provides insights into chip usage strategies for the remainder of the season.

8. Ones to Watch and Differentials: 

Five standout players and four low-owned differentials are highlighted for their potential impact in DGW28.

9. FPL Pod

Kelly Somers and experts offer valuable advice on maneuvering through DGW28 and BGW29, aiding managers in navigating complex fixture schedules.

10. Guide to Blank and Double Gameweeks: 

The Scout outlines the significance of upcoming Blank and Double Gameweeks, providing clarity on fixture dynamics.

As managers gear up for DGW28, expert guidance is indispensable for maximizing point returns and navigating the complexities of fixture scheduling in Fantasy Premier League.

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