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Hayley Templeman: Champion of Inclusion in Football

 Inspiring Inclusion: Hayley Templeman's Journey

Hayley Templeman: Champion of Inclusion in Football
Hayley Templeman: Champion of Inclusion in Football


As part of the International Women's Day celebrations, we spotlight Hayley Templeman, an inspirational figure at Brighton & Hove Albion FC Foundation. Her journey from player to Disability Development Officer and LGBTQ+ role model showcases dedication and empowerment in football.

Background: A Versatile Journey

Hayley's football journey began at Brighton as a teenager. She later joined Durham's Women's Football Academy, pioneering women's football education. Balancing academics and sports, she epitomized versatility, playing various positions, even in goal. Hayley's global ventures in sports programs and enrichment schemes in India and New Zealand laid the foundation for her current role.

Roles and Responsibilities

Hayley's role at Brighton and Hove Albion FC Foundation focuses on providing inclusive opportunities for individuals with additional needs. Premier League Inspires amplifies aspirations and personal development among youth. Working across Sussex, Hayley's team emphasizes personal and social development, mental health, wellbeing, and career aspirations through sports and education.

Passion Meets Purpose

Hayley's passion for football and education converged in her current role. By showcasing diverse career paths in football beyond playing, she empowers youngsters to envision themselves in various roles within the sport. Her presence as an LGBTQ+ role model fosters inclusivity and awareness, especially through workshops and initiatives like Rainbow Laces.

Inspirations and Impact

Reflecting on her journey, Hayley acknowledges the empowering influence of her PE teacher and football icon Kelly Smith. Female role models in football inspire young girls to pursue careers within the sport. The evolving landscape of women's football reflects progress and acceptance, providing opportunities for aspiring individuals.

Empowering Inclusion

Hayley's commitment to inclusion extends beyond football. Through programs like SEND Albion Cup, she ensures competitive opportunities for children with special needs. Inclusive language and diverse role models in coaching sessions promote a welcoming environment for all participants.

Advice and Reflections

Hayley's advice to her younger self resonates with resilience and defiance against societal norms. Challenging perceptions and embracing possibilities define her journey. As she continues to inspire and empower youth, her legacy contributes to the evolving narrative of women in football.


As International Women's Day emphasizes inspiring inclusion, Hayley Templeman exemplifies dedication and empowerment in football. Her journey from player to mentor underscores the transformative power of sports in shaping lives and fostering inclusivity.

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