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Premier League Investigates Leicester City FC Over Financial Compliance Breach

Premier League Investigates Leicester City FC Over Financial Compliance Breach

Hamza Choudhury of Leicester City
Hamza Choudhury of Leicester City chases Raheem Sterling of Chelsea during the Emirates FA Cup Quarter Final between Chelsea FC and Leicester City at Stamford Bridge on March 17, 2024 in London, England(Image-Getty) 

 Premier League Refers Leicester City FC to Independent Commission for Alleged Breach of Financial Rules

The Premier League has taken a significant step by referring Leicester City FC to an independent Commission following an alleged breach of Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) and the failure to submit audited financial accounts. Here's a detailed breakdown of the process and implications:

1. Premier League Statement (21 Mar 2024):

   - Leicester City FC has been referred to an independent Commission for an alleged breach of Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) and for not submitting their audited financial accounts.

   - The alleged breach pertains to the assessment period ending Season 2022/23, during which the club was a Premier League member.

   - Despite Leicester City's relegation to the EFL Championship, the proceedings will adhere to a timetable set by the independent Commission.

2. Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSRs) Overview:

   - All Premier League clubs undergo annual assessments for compliance with PSRs.

   - Compliance is determined by the club's PSR Calculation, which includes Adjusted Earnings Before Tax over a specified period.

   - Adjustments consider profit or loss after depreciation, interest, and certain "add backs" related to club and football development.

   - COVID-19 costs were temporarily allowed as "add backs" for specified years.

   - A breach occurs if the PSR Calculation results in a loss exceeding £105 million, with adjustments for Championship seasons.

3. Premier League Investigations and Independent Commissions:

   - The Premier League Board investigates suspected breaches and may involve independent Commissions for PSR cases.

   - Independent Commissions consist of legal, financial, and other experts, appointed by an independent Chair.

   - Proceedings are confidential, with decisions made public after conclusion.

   - Parties have the right to challenge Commission decisions through an appeal process overseen by the Appeal Board.

4. Potential Sanctions:

   - Sanctions for breaches include fines, points deductions, and other sporting penalties.

   - The Appeal Board has discretion in handling appeals and may uphold, dismiss, or modify Commission decisions.

5. Conclusion:

   - Leicester City FC's referral to an independent Commission underscores the Premier League's commitment to enforcing financial regulations.

   - The outcome of the Commission's decision will be pivotal for both the club and the league, potentially impacting future operations and competitiveness.

In summary, the Premier League's referral of Leicester City FC to an independent Commission marks a significant development in ensuring financial accountability and fair competition within the league.

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