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The Miami Open, running from March 17th to March 31st, 2024

 The Miami Open, running from March 17th to March 31st, 2024, features thrilling matches in both men's and women's singles categories.

Taylor Townsend
Taylor Townsend of the United States in action against Anna Kalinskaya in the second round on Day 6 of the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells Tennis Garden on March 08, 2024 in Indian Wells, California(Image-Getty)

### Men's Singles:

**March 17th:**

- **United States vs. United States:** T. Townsend vs. E. Bektas

- **Slovakia vs. Slovakia:** A.K. Schmiedlová vs. R. Šramková

- **Colombia vs. Philippines:** E. Arango vs. A. Eala

**March 18th:**

- **Germany vs. Latvia:** L. Siegemund vs. D. Semenistaja

**March 19th:**

- **France vs. Denmark:** O. Dodin vs. C. Tauson

**March 22nd:**

- **Germany vs. Serbia:** T. Korpatsch vs. M. Timofeeva

**March 24th:**

- **Argentina vs. Colombia:** N. Podoroska vs. M. Osorio Serrano

**March 26th:**

- **United States vs. Serbia:** B. Pera vs. A. Krunić

- **Australia vs. France:** S. Hunter vs. A. Cornet

**March 27th:**

- **Belgium vs. Taiwan:** G. Minnen vs. S. Hsieh

- **United States vs. Mexico:** K. Volynets vs. R. Zarazúa

- **Belgium vs. United States:** Y. Wickmayer vs. A. Parks

- **Japan vs. Germany:** N. Hibino vs. J. Niemeier

**March 29th:**

- **Philippines vs. Italy:** A. Eala vs. S. Errani

- **United States vs. Kazakhstan:** C. Liu vs. K. Rakhimova

- **Germany vs. United States:** L. Siegemund vs. R. Montgomery

- **United Kingdom vs. Japan:** H. Dart vs. E. Koike

- **Andorra vs. Argentina:** V. Jimenez Kasintseva vs. M.L. Carlé

### Women's Singles:

**March 31st:**

- **United States vs. Belgium:** K. Volynets vs. Y. Wickmayer

The Miami Open promises exhilarating tennis action as players from around the world compete for victory on the court.

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