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Guide to Blank and Double Gameweeks in 2023/24 Fantasy

 Guide to Blank and Double Gameweeks in 2023/24 Fantasy

Divock Origi of Nottingham Forest
Divock Origi of Nottingham Forest battles with Cristian Romero of Tottenham Hotspur and Micky van de Ven of Tottenham Hotspur during the Premier League match between Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham Forest at White Hart Lane, London on Sunday 7th April 2024.(Image-Getty) 

The Scout is here to offer a comprehensive guide on navigating the Blank and Double Gameweeks in the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season. Stay ahead of the game by planning your strategy with the insights provided below.


As the Fantasy Premier League season progresses, strategic planning becomes essential to maximize points. Understanding the scheduling nuances of Blank and Double Gameweeks can give managers a competitive edge.

Confirmed Double Gameweeks:

The Scout presents a detailed overview of the confirmed Double Gameweeks, shedding light on which teams will play twice and the fixtures involved. In Double Gameweek 34 (DGW34), seven clubs are set to compete twice, presenting Fantasy managers with ample opportunities to rack up points.

DGW34 Fixtures:

A breakdown of each team's fixtures in DGW34 is provided, highlighting key matchups and potential points-generating opportunities. Title contenders Arsenal and Liverpool feature prominently, with both teams facing double-duty away from home.

Blank Gameweek for Spurs:

Notably, Tottenham Hotspur faces a Blank Gameweek in DGW34, providing an interesting twist to Fantasy team selections. The absence of Spurs from the Gameweek lineup adds complexity to manager decisions.

Strategic Chip Usage:

The article explores strategic chip usage, emphasizing the potential benefits of deploying the Bench Boost chip during Double Gameweeks. With several teams enjoying two home fixtures, savvy managers can capitalize on favorable matchups.

DGW35 Preview:

Looking ahead to Double Gameweek 35 (DGW35), the focus shifts to Chelsea and Spurs as the only teams with two fixtures. The article outlines fixture details and offers insights into optimal squad composition.

Wildcard and Chip Strategy:

With the wildcard chip still in play for many managers, DGW35 presents an opportune moment to capitalize on Chelsea and Spurs assets. The article advises on when to use the wildcard and other chips strategically to maximize point returns.

Matches Yet to be Rescheduled:

Furthermore, the article discusses matches yet to be rescheduled, hinting at the possibility of another Double Gameweek later in the season. Gameweek 37 emerges as a potential candidate for a Double Gameweek, providing managers with further strategic planning opportunities.


In conclusion, The Scout's guide equips Fantasy Premier League managers with valuable insights into navigating the complexities of Blank and Double Gameweeks. By leveraging strategic chip usage and planning ahead, managers can optimize their team performance and climb the ranks in the fantasy league standings. Stay tuned for further updates and tactical advice throughout the season.

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