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Andrew Cole Inducted into Premier League Hall of Fame

Andrew Cole Inducted into Premier League Hall of Fame

Player/Manager Andrew Cole of Manchester United
Player/Manager Andrew Cole of Manchester United Legends gives a team talk at halftime during the MU Foundation charity match between Manchester United Legends and Barcelona Legends at Old Trafford on September 2, 2017 in Manchester, England(Image-Getty) 

 In a recent ceremony honoring the elite of the Premier League, Andrew Cole, alongside Ashley Cole and John Terry, received the esteemed title of being inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand, two illustrious figures renowned for their goal-scoring prowess, paid tribute to Cole's extraordinary achievements.

Both Shearer and Ferdinand, who shared the field with Cole both for England and against him in the Premier League, emphasized Cole's rightful place among the league's greatest-ever goal scorers. Shearer, the record holder for most goals in the Premier League, spoke highly of Cole's natural talent, describing him as a "great goal scorer" whose ability made the challenging task of scoring look effortless.

Ferdinand echoed Shearer's sentiments, asserting that Cole's induction into the Hall of Fame was well-deserved, considering his remarkable career achievements. He highlighted Cole's enduring legacy at every club he played for, where he was revered as a legendary figure and esteemed for his exemplary dedication to the sport.

Cole's illustrious career saw him net an impressive 187 goals in the Premier League, clinching five titles, a Golden Boot, and famously contributing to Manchester United's Treble triumph in the 1998/99 season. Shearer, having amassed 260 goals himself, attested to Cole's exceptional goal-scoring abilities, describing him as an "instinctive finisher" capable of finding the net from any position on the field with remarkable ease.

Andrew Cole Inducted into Premier League Hall of Fame

Remarkably, Cole's prolific goal-scoring prowess was evident even without the aid of penalty kicks, with only one of his goals originating from the penalty spot. This distinction solidified his status as one of the league's top goal scorers, ranking him second in Premier League history for non-penalty goals, just behind Shearer.

Both Shearer and Ferdinand speculated on the potential of Cole's goal tally had he opted to take penalties, suggesting that he could have easily surpassed the 200-goal mark in the Premier League. Ferdinand estimated that Cole could have added an additional 30 goals to his tally over a 10-year period, showcasing his unparalleled goal-scoring ability.

In conclusion, the induction of Andrew Cole into the Premier League Hall of Fame serves as a testament to his enduring legacy as one of the league's greatest-ever goal scorers, with Shearer and Ferdinand's tributes reaffirming his remarkable contributions to the sport.

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