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Jonas Sand Labakk Makes History as 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League Champion

Jonas Sand Labakk Makes History as 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League Champion

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Pep Guardiola the head coach / manager of Manchester City poses for a photo with the trophy with Khaldoon Al Mubarak, the chairman, Ferran Soriano, chief executive officer and Aitor Txiki Begiristain, director of football at Manchester City during the Premier League match between Manchester City and West Ham United at Etihad Stadium on May 19, 2024 in Manchester, England(Image-Getty) 


Jonas Sand Labakk, a Norwegian fantasy football enthusiast, has made history by becoming the first Norwegian to win the Fantasy Premier League (FPL). He clinched the 2023/24 title with an impressive 51-point lead, outmaneuvering nearly 11 million competitors. This article delves into Labakk's strategic approach, key player choices, and the intense competition that marked this season.

Labakk's Winning Strategy

Labakk's success was no accident; it was a product of meticulous planning and astute decision-making. A crucial element of his strategy was the effective use of FPL chips and player differentials. Labakk's ability to navigate critical gameweeks with precision allowed him to maintain and extend his lead.

Key Gameweeks and Chip Usage

Labakk's approach to chip usage was instrumental in his victory. He adopted a strategy that focused on using the Free Hit chip in Blank Gameweek 29 (BGW29) and saving the Wildcard for later. This enabled him to maximize points during Double Gameweek 34 (DGW34), where he accumulated 143 points, the highest of any manager that week. His decision to deploy the Wildcard in Gameweek 30, planning ahead for BGW29 with free transfers, was a masterstroke that set him apart from his closest rivals.

Player Differentials and Standout Performances

Labakk's team selections included key differentials that provided a significant edge. Phil Foden (£8.5m), Alexander Isak (£8.4m), and Pedro Porro (£5.9m) delivered crucial points. Isak, in particular, proved to be a game-changer, contributing 14 points in the final gameweek. These choices underscored Labakk's ability to identify and capitalize on under-the-radar talent.

The Competition: Euan Thompson and Others

Labakk's main rival, Euan Thompson, managed a commendable campaign but fell short in the final stretch. Thompson's team, Pinky and De Bruyne, trailed by 46 points entering the final gameweek. Despite strong performances from his differentials, Kai Havertz (£7.6m) and Brennan Johnson (£5.8m), Thompson could not close the gap. Other notable managers, like former leader Sundeep Jaswal, also struggled to keep pace due to less effective chip strategies.

The FPL Cup Final

The article also highlights the dramatic FPL Cup final, featuring Finlay Glidden's Glidd's Galacticos against Lovro Vukomanovic's My little Toney. Both managers made strategic transfers, but Vukomanovic's decision to replace Pedro Porro with Gabriel backfired. Ultimately, the cup final ended in a stalemate, with a virtual coin toss set to decide the winner.

Season Review and Highlights

The article provides a comprehensive review of the 2023/24 FPL season, celebrating standout performances and key moments. It includes an end-of-season special episode of the Fantasy Show, featuring an interview with Labakk, a reveal of the Team of the Season, and a quiz on the year's top stats.


Jonas Sand Labakk's historic win in the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League is a testament to his strategic acumen and passion for the game. His journey to the top, marked by savvy chip usage and keen player selections, offers valuable insights for FPL enthusiasts. As the article celebrates Labakk's achievement, it also encapsulates the excitement and competitive spirit of the FPL community.

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