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Bruno Fernandes Pledges Future to Manchester United

 Bruno Fernandes Pledges Future to Manchester United

Alejandro Garnacho, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot
Alejandro Garnacho, Bruno Fernandes and Diogo Dalot of Manchester United pose with their Goal of the Season, Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year and Players' Player of the Year awards at Carrington Training Ground on May 23, 2024 in Manchester, England(Image-Getty) 

Bruno Fernandes Commits to Manchester United, Thanks Fans for Support in The Players' Tribune

Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes has expressed his gratitude to the club's supporters, calling them "amazing" for their unwavering support during a challenging season. In a heartfelt open letter published in The Players' Tribune, Fernandes also pledged his long-term commitment to the Red Devils, ahead of the crucial FA Cup final against Manchester City.

Reflecting on a season where Erik ten Hag's side finished eighth, their lowest-ever Premier League position, Fernandes emphasized the importance of Saturday's final, where a victory would secure a UEFA Europa League spot.

"After this difficult season, it is my responsibility to give more," Fernandes wrote. "It starts with me. And it starts tomorrow. We have to give everything in this last match against City, and we have to move forward."

 A Deep Connection to Old Trafford

Fernandes shared his deep connection to Old Trafford and his dream of playing for Manchester United. He reiterated his desire to stay at the club and align his ambitions with those of the fans and the club itself.

"I love to step out at Old Trafford more than anything in the world. I don’t want to leave. This has always been my ultimate dream," he said. "I just want my expectations to fit with the expectations of the club. If you go talk to any fan, they will tell you the same thing. We want to compete for the league. We want to be playing [UEFA] Champions League football. We want to be in cup finals. That is the standard. That is what I want. That is what you all deserve."

 Family Ties and Personal Reflections

Fernandes also touched on how deeply his family has integrated into the Manchester United community. His personal anecdotes highlighted the strong bond his family shares with the club, particularly his children.

"When I arrived here four years ago, my daughter, Matilde, was only three. My son, Goncalo, wasn’t even born yet," he recounted. "Matilde used to love football. She was the reason why I always did my 'I can’t hear you' goal celebration, because whenever we asked her nicely to put her toys away, she would put her hands over her ears and say, 'What??? I can’t hear you, daddy. I can’t heaaaarrrrr yooooouuu.'"

Fernandes described how his daughter's interests have evolved over time, while his son has developed a passion for football.

"It’s crazy how fast time goes by, because now I have a seven-year-old daughter who couldn’t care less about football. Now she wants to be a ballerina and an Olympic gymnast. And I have a three-year-old son who wants to do nothing but kick mini-footballs around the house."

 The Power of Music

The Manchester United captain also shared a charming story about his family's morning routine, which always includes playing the same song on the way to school.

"My son, he can barely sing the lyrics. He mumbles most of the words and mixes them up, but he starts off very well. Imagine a three-year-old screaming his lungs out at 8 o’clock in the morning from the back seat of the car…"

A Message of Hope and Determination

In his letter, Fernandes expressed his determination to meet the high standards expected at Manchester United and to continue fighting for success.

"I just want to keep fighting. I want to be here. My family wants to be here. If you doubt that for a moment, then you just have to look at my Spotify Wrapped, and that will prove it to you…"


Bruno Fernandes' open letter in The Players' Tribune serves as a testament to his dedication to Manchester United and his appreciation for the fans' support. As the team prepares for the FA Cup final, Fernandes' commitment and leadership will be pivotal in their quest for silverware and a return to European competition.

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