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Iconic CONMEBOL Copa América Final Stadiums

Iconic CONMEBOL Copa América Final Stadiums

Argentina's coach Lionel Scaloni presents the Copa America trophy
Argentina's coach Lionel Scaloni presents the Copa America trophy onstage during the final draw for the Conmebol Copa America 2024 football competition at the James L. Knight Centre in Miami, Florida, on December 7, 2023.(Image-Getty) 

Stadiums of the Last Five CONMEBOL Copa América Finals: A Journey Through History


As teams vie for glory in the CONMEBOL Copa América™, the choice of venue for the final holds immense significance. Explore the iconic stadiums that have witnessed the pinnacle of South American football in recent years.

2011: Monumental, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Hosted by the legendary Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 2011 final saw Uruguay emerge victorious over Paraguay, etching another chapter in football history.

2015: National Stadium, Santiago (Chile)

Chile's National Stadium provided the backdrop for an exhilarating final, culminating in a dramatic penalty shootout as the host nation triumphed over Argentina, igniting celebrations across the nation.

2016: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ (United States)

Breaking tradition, the 2016 final unfolded at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, USA, where Chile clinched victory over Argentina in a gripping encounter witnessed by a record crowd.

2019: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Brazil's iconic Maracanã stadium, steeped in football history, set the stage for a memorable final as the Seleção secured victory over Peru, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

2021: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Returning to familiar territory, the Maracanã once again played host to the final, where Brazil and Argentina locked horns in a battle for supremacy, with Argentina emerging triumphant.


From the storied Monumental in Buenos Aires to the historic Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, each stadium has woven its own tale of triumph and glory in the annals of South American football history.

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