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How Silva Can Inspire Fulham to Another Win at Old Trafford

 How Silva Can Inspire Fulham to Another Win at Old Trafford

Bruno Fernandes and Manager Erik ten Hag of Manchester United
Bruno Fernandes and Manager Erik ten Hag of Manchester United celebrate with the Emirates FA Cup trophy after winning the Emirates FA Cup Final match between Manchester City and Manchester United at Wembley Stadium on May 25, 2024 in London, England.(Image-Getty) 

 By Adrian Clarke - 23 June 2024

Match Analysis: Manchester United vs. Fulham


Saturday, 17 August  


Old Trafford, Manchester  




Manchester United will face Fulham in the opening match of the 2024/25 Premier League season. United, with 21 opening match wins—more than any other side—will aim to improve their home form, having lost six home matches last season. Fulham, on the other hand, will look to replicate their stunning 2-1 win over United in February, inspired by manager Marco Silva.

Tactical Analysis

Fulham’s Aggressive Pressing

In their last encounter, Fulham's success came from their relentless off-the-ball work. Silva's team pressured Manchester United throughout the match, forcing turnovers and launching quick counter-attacks. Key stats from that victory highlight their effective pressing game:

- Pressures:

Fulham (163) vs. Man Utd (138)

- Pressures in Own Third:

Fulham (80) vs. Man Utd (34)

- Pressures Resulting in Turnovers:

 Fulham (26) vs. Man Utd (12)

- Transitions Reaching Final Third:

 Fulham (16) vs. Man Utd (13)

Expect Fulham to employ a similar strategy, disrupting United's rhythm and exploiting any defensive weaknesses.

Attacking Thrust and Forward Runs

Fulham's ambition to make forward runs with intensity was pivotal in their win. Silva’s side consistently turns defense into attack swiftly. Key running stats from the February match show Fulham's positivity and athleticism:

- Sprints:

 Fulham (78) vs. Man Utd (34)

- Runs Targeted by a Pass:

Fulham (51) vs. Man Utd (41)

- Runs into Box:

Fulham (50) vs. Man Utd (34)

Fulham's ability to progress the ball quickly through the thirds will be crucial against a potentially revamped United side.

Manchester United’s Prospects

Home Form and Squad Changes

United’s focus will be on restoring Old Trafford's aura. However, their recent record of slow starts under Erik ten Hag—scraping past Wolverhampton Wanderers last August and losing to Brighton the year before—adds pressure to deliver a strong performance. Significant summer changes are expected as Ten Hag aims to improve on an eighth-place finish.

Possession and Final Third Play

United will likely dominate possession and create numerous opportunities inside the final third. To avoid another upset, they must show greater application, defensive solidity, and clinical finishing.


This match promises a tactical battle, with Fulham aiming to disrupt United’s play and exploit transitions, while United looks to leverage their possession and offensive capabilities. Fans can expect an engaging and competitive game, potentially featuring late drama given both teams' knack for scoring late goals last season.

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