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Messi also advised Mbappe to leave PSG and go to Real

 Messi also advised Mbappe to leave PSG and go to Real

Messi also advised Mbappe to leave PSG and go to Real
Messi also advised Mbappe to leave PSG and go to Real(Twitter)

They have played two seasons together at PSG. Despite not having a deep friendship, there is no animosity between them, which is evident from their clear conversations at different times. It is said that Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe were the topics of discussion. After the World Cup final, there were many rumors about their animosity. However, it became clear in Mbappe's statement after Messi's departure from PSG. At that time, Mbappe said that Messi did not receive the respect he deserved at PSG.

Now, with Mbappe's possible departure from PSG, various rumors have emerged, including Messi's advice before leaving the club. The Madrid-based news outlet "Defensa Central" has published a report on the Argentine superstar's statement. Before leaving the club, Messi told Mbappe that he would be happy if he joined Barcelona. But if Mbappe wants, he can also go to Real Madrid. In other words, Messi's message to Mbappe was clear: leave PSG and go wherever you are happy!

Messi recently mentioned the possibility of joining Inter Miami after spending two years at PSG. When announcing his departure from the club, Messi said that he did not enjoy his two years at PSG. Now it is known that Mbappe also mentioned his intention to leave PSG with the goal of achieving something bigger. Messi's statement has been taken by Defensa Central as follows: "I want you to choose Barcelona. But if you want, you can also go to Madrid. It's up to you. A true winner like you deserves that project."

After Messi's announcement of leaving PSG, the discussion about Mbappe's departure from the club comes to the forefront. The news surrounding a letter sent to Mbappe by the club has started. In that letter, Mbappe was informed that he will not renew the contract after the deadline in 2024. However, Mbappe does not want to leave PSG as a free agent. So, Mbappe informs PSG that if he wants to leave, it must be done this summer.

To stay, the contract deadline must be extended. It is also known that Mbappe's mother, Fayza Lamari, wants her son to leave PSG for Real Madrid. Currently, Fayza is also working on negotiations with the club as Mbappe's agent. Previously, the decision to stay at PSG for the last season was influenced by Fayza. But this time, she wants her son to join her dream club.

Amidst all this, when various discussions about Mbappe's future are emerging, a news outlet named PSG Community has created a new buzz. They claim that the bridge between PSG and Mbappe's relationship has completely collapsed. That is why Mbappe's move to Real Madrid has become inevitable this season. They even know how much money Real Madrid will spend to acquire Mbappe.

According to the PSG-centered news outlet's claim, Santiago Bernabeu will offer PSG €250 million and an additional €50 million as a bonus for Mbappe. In the agreement, there has already been a conversation between Florentino Perez and PSG's authorities. However, there is no final word on the transfer yet. Before this, Mbappe's name has been associated with various top clubs.
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