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Neymar Girlfriend: No sex without a condom, girlfriend's permission to date Neymar on three conditions

 Neymar Girlfriend: No sex without a condom, girlfriend's permission to date Neymar on three conditions

Neymar and Bruna
Neymar and Bruna(Twitter)

Various reasons have led to Neymar Jr.'s frequent headlines. Currently, he is out of the field due to an injury. There is no definite information about when he will return to the field. However, amidst all this, he has once again made headlines. The 31-year-old Brazilian footballer is embroiled in controversy for mistreating his pregnant girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi. And to apologize for the betrayal, Neymar has sought forgiveness from his current girlfriend, Bruna Biancardi.

Neymar has been off the field since February this year due to the injury. However, it hasn't had any personal impact on his life.

Being off the field has been quite challenging for this Brazilian star. Bruna Biancardi is expecting their child. Neymar had been expecting his first child with Biancardi. However, their good times did not last long. Neymar has been accused of infidelity by Biancardi. And accepting the accusation, Neymar has written an open letter on Instagram seeking forgiveness from Biancardi.

In the Instagram post addressed to Biancardi, Neymar writes, "I have made a mistake with you. I make mistakes on and off the field every day. But I keep personal mistakes within the confines of my home. The woman I have dreamed of having by my side, the mother of my child, is you. Bruna, I have already asked for forgiveness for my own mistakes. I accept everyone's judgment. When personal matters become public, forgiveness should be sought publicly. So, publicly, I am seeking forgiveness. I can't imagine myself without you."

Assuring his presence, Neymar further writes, "I always want to be by your side. I promise you that our purpose will succeed. Our love for our child will triumph. Loving each other will make us stronger. I need you in my life. I know you want to be by my side too. I am by your side. I made a mistake. I didn't act correctly with you. I apologize again."

According to reports, after Neymar sought forgiveness, Biancardi's heart melted. A deal has been struck between them, allowing Neymar to engage in extramarital affairs with Biancardi. However, he must adhere to three conditions. The conditions include Neymar being able to have multiple partners, engage in sexual activities with caution, and not kiss on the lips.

In 2020, during the COVID period, Neymar started dating Bruna Biancardi. Last year, in the summer, there were rumors of their relationship falling apart. During this time, Brazilian blogger Fernando Campos claimed that Neymar became closer to him during the period when he had a relationship with Biancardi. He further claimed that Neymar and he had been communicating since the Qatar World Cup. Afterward, Neymar apologized to Biancardi for this incident. The relationship between the two resumed in January this year. In the middle of April, Biancardi announced her pregnancy.

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