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Manchester United vs. Chelsea with Emilianio Martinez

Manchester United vs. Chelsea with Emiliano Martinez

Manchester United vs. Chelsea with Emiliano Martinez
Manchester United vs. Chelsea with Emiliano Martinez

 In the 2022-23 season, Emilianо Martínez established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Particularly in Argentina's jersey, his performance in the World Cup has secured a permanent place for him in the pages of history. In the final, alongside his outstanding saves, he also scored a decisive penalty in extra time, clinching Argentina's World Cup victory, becoming a hero at the age of 36.

Not only in Argentina's jersey but Martínez also showcased his skills as Aston Villa's goalkeeper during the season. Such an impressive season for him inevitably attracted attention from English powerhouses Manchester United and Chelsea, as reported by The Guardian.

Martínez, at the age of 30, had struggled for a long time. Despite being at Arsenal from 2012 to 2020, he only played 15 league matches. He spent the rest of his time playing for various clubs in Argentina. But now, Martínez's days have completely changed. As the world champion goalkeeper, he is the center of discussion, with Manchester United aiming to make him their number one goalkeeper.

The regular goalkeeper dilemma for Manchester United, whether to keep David De Gea or not, is causing various speculations. Yesterday, their contract negotiations with De Gea also concluded. If everything doesn't turn into a theatrical affair, Manchester United's 12-year journey with De Gea seems to be reaching its end. And if De Gea departs, they want Martínez as their number-one goalkeeper.

However, bringing Martínez to the team won't be an easy task for Manchester United. The golden glove winner in the World Cup is also being pursued by Chelsea, who is ready to challenge Manchester United to secure his services. Meanwhile, Chelsea has also added goalkeeper Eduardo Mendy from Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal as an alternative, but they primarily prefer Martínez.

Furthermore, Chelsea's new coach Mauricio Pochettino, also an Argentine, can further enhance Martínez's path to Stamford Bridge. However, even if he joins Chelsea, obtaining regular opportunities for Martínez in the starting eleven can be challenging. He will primarily compete against Spain's main goalkeeper, Kepa Arrizabalaga.

If a choice has to be made between the two clubs, it is assumed that Martínez will lean towards Old Trafford. Football Transfer, a club-based website, reports that Martínez believes he is in his best form at the moment. This is because his performance in the Champions League has caught the attention of top clubs. Only Manchester's club will participate in the Champions League in the upcoming season, not Chelsea.

On the other hand, Chelsea has ended the season in the worst possible way in their recent history. They have not played in the European competitions below the Champions League from the top four. This can encourage Martínez to join the club. Before this, Martínez did mention the possibility of not leaving Aston Villa. However, there is no conclusive statement in the market of transfers. So, the conclusion of the Martínez drama is yet to be seen.

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