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In the arena of violence, France beckons for peace: Mbappé's call

 In the arena of violence, France beckons for peace: Mbappé's call

France beckons for peace: Mbappé's call
France beckons for peace: Mbappé's call

On the past Tuesday, a 17-year-old boy named M. Nahel was killed in police gunfire in the streets of Nantes, France. Since then, the entire France has been engulfed in unrest. Multiple clashes have occurred between protesters and the police. Only on Thursday night, the police arrested 900 people. The French government has announced a crackdown, deploying 45,000 police officers to tackle the violence.

Such deaths in police shootings are not new in France. Last year, a record of 13 people died in police gunfire during traffic checks. And this year, the second incident of this kind was Nahel's death. The repeated occurrence of such incidents has sparked widespread protests. However, due to the expression of grievances, violence has escalated. There have been instances of looting in Lille, Roubaix, and Marseille, extensive damage to roads, and arson attacks.

French football star Kylian Mbappé has stepped outside the realm of control, calling for an end to violence. In a tweet, he mentioned that violence cannot solve anything, especially when it is directed against those who express it. It is the families, neighbors, and relatives who suffer the consequences. He emphasized that they, like all the people of France, are deeply saddened by Nahel's death. Firstly, for his family's sake, they express their sympathy. However, they cannot condone this type of unacceptable death. Many of us from the working-class background are familiar with this pain and suffering.

Mbappé called for peace in his tweet, stating that the concept of living together and bringing back harmony is everyone's responsibility. Alongside peace, he also mentioned the need for a peaceful and constructive process to solve problems, speaking as the World Cup-winning French forward.

Even before Nahel's death, Mbappé had expressed his empathy through a social media post. In a tweet, he wrote, "I am saddened for France. This situation is unbearable. Sympathy for Nahel's family and the people close to him. This little angel left too soon, far away."

Note: The translation provided is a general interpretation of the text. Some nuances and cultural references may be lost in the translation.

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