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Barbiecore Fashion Dominates Stores and Previews Box Office Success of 'Barbie' Movie

 Barbiecore Fashion Dominates Stores and Previews Box Office Success of 'Barbie' Movie

Barbiecore Fashion Dominates Stores
Barbiecore Fashion Dominates Stores 

This summer, pink is taking the clothing stores by storm, thanks to the rise of Barbiecore fashion. This trend, inspired by Barbie's iconic color, has been dominating the fashion scene for the second consecutive year, propelled by Mattel Inc's extensive marketing campaign for the upcoming "Barbie" movie, set to premiere in theaters this Friday.

From Barbie sneakers and backpacks to swimsuits and hoodies for pets, the world seems to have turned pink in every corner, as stated by Richard Dickson, Mattel's president, and chief operating officer.

The trend started with a bold move by couture designer Valentino, showcasing models in head-to-toe fuchsia during a March 2022 runway show. This triggered a frenzy among celebrity stylists, leading to a surge in demand for outfits in this captivating color. Furthermore, the popularity of the trend was amplified by the emergence of Margot Robbie's viral "campy style" in a hot pink Western jumpsuit on the set of the Barbie movie. As Western wear and sparkly Y2K fashions were also trending, this fun and colorful appeal resonated with people, especially as they were returning to their offices after COVID-19 lockdowns, craving joy and new clothes.

The Barbiecore movement was soon seen on various celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles, sporting bright Barbie-inspired outfits.

Mattel's Barbie, one of their top three brands, officially trademarked the term "Barbiecore" in 2022 and forged partnerships with esteemed fashion brands like Balmain, Kendra Scott, and Barefoot Dreams. Their efforts intensified in 2023 with over 100 partnerships linked to the movie. These collaborations extended beyond fashion, resulting in products like a pool float from Funboy and a pink Microsoft X-box gaming console within a Barbie Dreamhouse.

The Barbie frenzy also extended to the culinary world, with Barbie-inspired foods, such as ice cream flavors and a Barbie burger with pink sauce, appearing at Burger King in Brazil.

Barbiecore encompasses more than just pink; it encourages vibrant color pairings like aqua, purples, and yellows, as evidenced by Ryan Gosling's character, Ken, sporting looks in that palette.

The enthusiasm surrounding Barbiecore seems to be translating to increased interest in the "Barbie" film from Warner Bros. Women are planning to wear Barbie-inspired outfits to movie screenings, and theaters are hosting special Barbie-themed events to attract more audiences.

The anticipated box office performance of the "Barbie" movie is promising, with forecasters predicting substantial earnings ranging from $80 million to over $150 million domestically for its opening weekend, potentially surpassing last week's "Mission: Impossible" movie sales.

Furthermore, social media is expected to play a significant role in promoting the film, as moviegoers are likely to share their Barbiecore looks, further boosting interest in the movie and possibly leading to unprecedented success.

All in all, the Barbiecore trend has taken the fashion and entertainment worlds by storm, painting everything pink and creating excitement around the upcoming "Barbie" movie.

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