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Phoenix Zoo's Innovative Cooling Techniques During Record Heatwave

 Phoenix Zoo's Innovative Cooling Techniques During Record Heatwave

Phoenix Zoo's Innovative Cooling Techniques
Phoenix Zoo's Innovative Cooling Techniques (Image-Getty)

In the midst of a relentless heatwave, on the twenty-second consecutive day of temperatures surpassing 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in Phoenix, the Phoenix Zoo found innovative ways to keep its animals cool and comfortable.

Taking care of their diverse residents, the zoo implemented a range of cooling techniques, including refreshing hose-downs, cooling misters, comforting cooling pads, tranquil ponds, refreshing mud water, cooling fans, and air-conditioned enclosures.

Lizzie Newman, one of the dedicated zookeepers, emphasized the importance of keeping both native and non-native animals cool during the scorching summer temperatures.

Among the animals enjoying these cooling measures was Archie, a magnificent Eurasian eagle owl native to Europe and Asia, who calmly stood under a sprinkler shower, relishing the respite from the heat.

Chutti, a one-horned rhinoceros, and Elvis, a Galapagos giant tortoise, also experienced relief as they had their leathery hides and snouts gently sprayed with water, playfully interacting with the refreshing streams. Leslie Lindholm, one of the zookeepers, pointed out how such activities help the animals cool down and prevent exhaustion in the heat.

Even the majestic Belgian draft horse, Jake, was treated to icy delights, recognizing that horses are sensitive to high temperatures and require special care, such as fans and misters to help reduce the heat in the air.

In Monkey Village, the adorable squirrel monkeys delighted in frozen treats taken from buckets, some of which were mixed with Gatorade for an extra refreshing touch. Senior zookeeper Amy Dietz explained that they had implemented various cooling techniques, such as misters, cool pads, and occasional frozen treats like grapes and puree, to ensure the monkeys' comfort.

In this record-breaking heatwave, the Phoenix Zoo's commitment to caring for their animals and keeping them cool demonstrated their dedication to the well-being of their diverse residents.

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