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FC Copenhagen Bans Fans' Jersey Request Signs

 FC Copenhagen Bans Fans' Jersey Request Signs

FC Copenhagen Bans Fans' Jersey Request Signs
FC Copenhagen Bans Fans' Jersey Request Signs(Image-Getty)


FC Copenhagen, the reigning Danish Superliga champions, have decided to implement a policy prohibiting fans from holding signs requesting players' match jerseys during the upcoming season. The club expressed concerns that this practice leads to disappointment for supporters and makes players uncomfortable, as they are unable to fulfill all the requests.

The ban will be enforced at the team's Parken Stadium and also in the Copenhagen fans' section during away games. In a statement released on Thursday, Copenhagen clarified their decision, stating that the sheer volume of signs in recent seasons has made it impractical to meet every request. They particularly mentioned the disappointment faced by many children who come with the hope of obtaining a player's shirt.

The club further explained that the situation puts players in a difficult position, as they are unable to fulfill every wish and may be perceived negatively for having to decline the numerous requests.

However, it's worth noting that players will still be allowed to give their shirts to fans voluntarily, without any prompting from signs.

FC Copenhagen is not the first club to take this step, as record 36-time Dutch champions Ajax Amsterdam and Czech side Slavia Prague have also previously banned such signs. Slavia Prague had noticed an organized group operating within their stadium, using children to request players' shirts, which were later being sold online. In response, the club organized contests for children under 15 during home games, with the winner receiving a shirt signed by all the first-team players.

Similarly, Ajax cited concerns that players were sometimes criticized as arrogant when they couldn't hand over a shirt, and also raised safety issues related to the cardboard signs posing a fire hazard.

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