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Javi Hernández's Quest for alternative Messi and Barcelona's Playmaking

 Javi Hernández's Quest for alternative Messi and Barcelona's Playmaking

Javi Hernández's Quest for alternative Messi
Javi Hernández's Quest for alternative Messi(Image-Getty)

Javi Hernández wanted to bring back Lionel Messi to the team to fill the void in the playmaking. Since last January, there had been a buzz about Messi's return to Barcelona. However, the mission to bring him back has not yet seen the light of day. He has taken a step back and joined Inter Miami.

Meanwhile, there are various preparations surrounding Messi's coronation in American football. While Argentina's talisman awaits a new beginning, Javi might be somewhat concerned about the situation in Spain.

The Barcelona coach wanted Messi back to bring versatility to the team's playmaking. He also understood Messi very well. However, after the unsuccessful attempt, Javi now needs to find an alternative.

Two possible names that are being mentioned are Bernardo Silva and João Félix. It seems unlikely to bring Silva to the team due to the financial difficulties Barcelona would face in acquiring this attacking midfielder from Manchester City. Barcelona had previously attempted to sign Silva, but it was unsuccessful.

Silva's performance has improved in every season at City. He has impressed Barcelona by scoring 7 goals and providing 8 assists in 55 matches last season. However, it is difficult to assess his impact on the field through statistics alone. Additionally, his arrival at Barcelona would require overcoming financial challenges.

Another alternative in front of Barcelona is João Félix. To acquire him, Barcelona would have to compete with other opponents. However, bringing him from Tottenham would not be entirely impossible. The relationship between Barcelona and Spurs is good, which could facilitate the Catalan club's attempt to sign the Portuguese player. Moreover, Félix's market value is lower than Silva's. In the current circumstances, bringing Félix to Barcelona would be an easier solution than Silva for the club.

Although it may be challenging, there is no alternative to successfully completing the task of bringing in new playmakers for Barcelona. The lack of creativity and versatility was evident in Barcelona's performance last season. Strengthening the midfield and forward line is crucial to overcome unfavorable situations in the upcoming season. Javi, the Barcelona coach, wants to create a strong team from all aspects. However, it is not solely up to Félix to increase creativity and versatility in the midfield.

At the beginning of the team's transformation, Gündoğan's arrival will undoubtedly strengthen the midfield. Along with that, he possesses the ability to score and create goals. However, relying solely on Gündoğan would not create much difference in terms of creativity and versatility. Therefore, Javi might need to look in another direction for support.

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