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Harry Kane's Future: Tug-of-War Between PSG, Bayern, and Tottenham

 Harry Kane's Future: Tug-of-War Between PSG, Bayern, and Tottenham

Harry Kane's Future: Tug-of-War Between PSG, Bayern, and Tottenham
Harry Kane's Future: Tug-of-War Between PSG, Bayern, and Tottenham(Image-Getty)

The excitement surrounding Harry Kane is increasing amidst the turmoil. He had been linked with Tottenham for a while, only being involved in a tug-of-war with Burn Munich. However, Burn's concerns have escalated, and now PSG has joined the fight. Of course, if Kane agrees to leave Tottenham for the French champions, then the matter of acquiring him will fall to Paris' club.

With PSG's interest in Kane, there is no connection with whether Kylian Mbappé will stay or leave the team. In addition to considering Kane as an alternative, the club is also looking at him as a weapon to strengthen their attacking force. Despite the upcoming celebration of Kane's 30th birthday next week, there is still one year left on his contract with Tottenham.

Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy is currently attempting to extend Kane's contract. His goal is to keep Kane for another three seasons. It has been heard that there is a possibility of doubling his salary to retain him. Levy, the chairman of Tottenham, has no intention of releasing Kane as a free agent under any circumstances. If the contract extension is not possible, then Levy wants to sell Kane to any club outside the Premier League for £100 million.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich has made a second proposal to Tottenham for Kane. However, both proposals have been rejected by Spurs. According to a source within the club, Tottenham has already reached a personal agreement with Burn regarding Kane. And Kane himself is also prepared to go to Germany. However, PSG believes they can offer a better proposal than Burn for Kane. It is believed that PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi has already had discussions with Levy about Kane earlier this month.

Even if PSG continues to pursue Kane, Bayern Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge have confirmed that they have spoken with Kane. Hoeness stated, "Everything that has happened so far is a clear message about Harry's (Kane) decision. If the situation remains the same, then we will get him. And Tottenham will have to let him go."

Tottenham finished 8th in the Premier League last season. If Kane leaves the club, he will have to be in the top European competition as a spectator in the upcoming season. On the other hand, Bayern Munich has clinched the Bundesliga title in dramatic fashion. If he goes to Bayern, Kane will have the opportunity to compete for European supremacy again. In a suggestive manner, Hoeness said, "He has the opportunity to come to the top clubs in Europe."

The topic of Kane's departure from Tottenham mainly arose towards the end of last season. Initially, there was a race to sign him with Real Madrid. Primarily, Kane was considered as an alternative to Karim Benzema. Then there was also interest from Manchester United. However, Real became occupied with Mbappé, and the English club was determined not to let go of Kane, which led to Tottenham retaining their core position. It is primarily based on this opportunity that Bayern approached him. And now PSG has joined as well. We will have to wait a little longer to know Kane's future.

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