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Messi's Arrival at Inter Miami: Contract, Jersey Number, and More

 Messi's Arrival at Inter Miami: Contract, Jersey Number, and More

Messi's Arrival at Inter Miami: Contract, Jersey Number, and More
Messi's Arrival at Inter Miami: Contract, Jersey Number, and More(Image-Getty)

Lionel Messi has joined the club Inter Miami in the United States, which is old news. The formalities of the agreement were completed yesterday. Afterward, the news about Messi's contract with Miami was revealed in a statement by the club on Saturday midnight 

Messi's move to the United States created a buzz and excitement in Saudi Arabia. How Miami convinced Messi, the details of Messi's contract with Miami, his salary at the new club, the duration of his stay, and many more questions are answered in this article.

The duration of Messi's contract

Messi has signed a contract with Miami for two years and six months. This means he will play for Miami until December 2025. However, at the end of this term, there is an option for both parties to extend the contract for another year. So, Messi can potentially be seen playing for Miami until 2026.

When will Messi's introduction ceremony with Miami take place?

Inter Miami is making preparations to formally introduce Messi as their player. The ceremony will take place at 6:30 PM (local time) on Sunday, July 16th (4:30 AM on Monday, Bangladesh time).

When will Messi play his first match with Miami?

Messi will play his first match against the Mexican club Cruz Azul in the Liga Cup (a new tournament featuring all teams from Major League Soccer and Liga MX) on July 21st.

In which jersey number will Messi play?

Messi has worn the number 10 jersey for most of his time at Barcelona. He also had the number 10 jersey for Argentina. However, in PSG, he chose to give up the number 10 to Neymar and opted for the number 30 jersey. But, as Messi joins Miami, he will be seen wearing the number 10 jersey again. So, Miami hasn't given the number 10 jersey to anyone else since they are waiting for Messi.

Where is Messi currently located?

Messi arrived at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida last Tuesday. After that, he has been spotted at various restaurants in Miami and even visited a supermarket. Before coming to Florida, Messi spent a vacation with his family in the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands.

Messi's earnings at Miami

Messi's contract with Inter Miami is not like a typical Major League Soccer contract. He will earn around 5-6 million dollars per year. This includes his salary and other bonuses. In addition to that, Messi will receive money from the league's sponsors and jersey suppliers, including Apple TV. Calculating Messi's total earnings is a bit challenging at the moment.

Will Messi speak in English in the United States?

It is not certain how fluent Messi is in English. In an interview with BBC in 2021, Messi mentioned that he is trying to learn English. He understands English but doesn't speak it much. So far, the public hasn't seen him speak English extensively. Even in the introductory video as an Inter Miami player, he spoke in Spanish. It remains to be seen if he will regularly speak English in the future.

Is Messi the captain of Miami?

This has not been announced yet. Gregorio Tata Martino, the Argentine coach, is currently responsible for the team due to Diego Silvas' injury. However, it is possible that Inter Miami may choose Messi as the regular captain after having a player like him.

Who is Miami's coach?

Gerardo Tata Martino is set to become the new coach of Inter Miami. This Argentine coach coached Messi at Barcelona during the 2013-14 season and the Argentina national team from 2014 to 2016. Martino himself was the coach of Atlanta United in MLS until 2016-18.

Where can Miami's matches be watched?

Through an Apple TV subscription, Major League Soccer matches, including Miami's, can be watched worldwide. Some matches are also broadcasted by Fox Sports.

Will Messi play in all matches?

Injuries can sideline even the best players.

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