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Messi, after "unfollowing" PSG, is shopping in Miami

 Messi, after "unfollowing" PSG, is shopping in Miami

Messi is shopping in Miami
Messi is shopping in Miami

Can you come to Argentina? Directly saying 'no' is not possible. But there is no doubt that the task becomes very difficult, even in the city of Barcelona. There is no question about his popularity in Argentina or Barcelona. So, it is very difficult for Messi to do that even if it's a necessity for the family. People will go crazy. Surely the selfie storm will rise! He knows that. That's why Messi can do some marketing in peace.

Messi is shopping in Miami
Messi is shopping in Miami

Messi arrived in Miami with his family last Wednesday. He hasn't yet formally signed a contract with Inter Miami, but it will happen soon, and through a major event, he will introduce himself as a player of the Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise team.

Before that, Messi has started the task of settling down with his family in Miami. He went shopping for household items at a supermarket. He was spotted taking pictures with a shopping cart, capturing various items through social media. It can be assumed from those pictures that Messi has already started settling in Miami.

A picture of Messi shopping with a cart at a supermarket in Fort Lauderdale is circulating on social media. At that time, he was accompanied by his three children—Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. Messi bought groceries and other household items. The Argentine news media 'Clarín' reported that Messi did his shopping at a public chain supermarket in Fort Lauderdale after winning the World Cup for Argentina last December. Just a short distance away from Inter Miami's stadium.

Messi is now moving forward with the formality of the contract with Inter Miami. On July 21, he will be officially crowned as the Mexican club Cruz Azul's opponent in the Liga Cup in the United States.

Football fans in the United States have also taken pictures with Messi at a supermarket. Clarín has shared a quote from one devotee. It was revealed that Messi was initially a little disappointed when he heard the request to take a picture. But he didn't refuse. After a while, he took a picture with a smile. Even on Wednesday night, Messi went out with his family to have dinner. His wife Antonela Roccuzzo, father Jorge Messi, and three children were with him.

That day, Messi went to Caffe Prima to celebrate his birthday with the store owner, Gerardo Chaira. Separate arrangements were made for Messi's family in the café. On that day, Messi and his son Ciro also played the guitar for a while. That's all, but there, a devotee kissed Messi on the cheek.

Clarín reported that Messi has left behind his life in Paris and is hiding everything in Miami. It seems that he is happy with his life in Miami. He couldn't even walk the streets of Argentina or Barcelona! But in Miami, this greatest footballer of all time has started living a normal life like any other citizen. And on this path, he started making mistakes with his last club, PSG. How?

Clarín reported that although Messi has 480 million followers on Instagram, he only follows 281 accounts. But yesterday, that number dropped to 280. The account he unfollowed is believed to be that of PSG. Messi 'unfollowed' the French club on social media.

So, it is not true that he started following Inter Miami on Instagram, no. He started his involvement with the club, but he hasn't been seen in Miami's official jersey yet. That is probably because it has not become an official contract yet.

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