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Real Madrid rejects news of an agreement with Mbappé

 Real Madrid rejects news of an agreement with Mbappé

Real Madrid rejects news of an agreement with Mbappé
Real Madrid rejects news of an agreement with Mbappé(Image-Getty)

Free players are expressing their dissatisfaction with the constant changes in the peaceful team dynamics, and this time it's causing quite a stir for Kylian Mbappé! After announcing his departure from PSG as a free player and his intention to join Real Madrid, the French striker has sparked controversy. In a letter, he informed PSG that he has no desire to renew his contract with the club in Paris. He wants to leave the club after the end of the upcoming season.

PSG has not taken this letter from Mbappé well. They make it clear to the World Cup-winning star that if he wants to stay, he must renew his contract; otherwise, he will have to leave the club this time around. Along with trying to persuade him to stay, PSG has also put him up for sale. Because if they fail to sell him now, Mbappé will become a free player in the next season, and PSG will not receive any transfer fee from his departure.

Despite hearing the names of several clubs, Real Madrid is the likely "buyer" for Mbappé. And Mbappé himself dreams of playing for Santiago Bernabéu. However, PSG has slapped a price tag of 200 million euros on him. At this moment, Real Madrid is not willing to pay such a high price. If Mbappé doesn't go anywhere this year, Real Madrid will be able to sign him as a free player without paying any transfer fee.

While all this is happening, Spanish media AS has reported that Mbappé has distanced himself from Real Madrid in the race to secure his signature. Even though Santiago Bernabéu's club has reached a personal agreement with Mbappé, this news has upset Real Madrid.

AS has also mentioned the terms of the Mbappé-Real Madrid agreement, which they have gathered from their sources. The Spanish media outlet states that Real Madrid has started preparing a contract for Mbappé. Real Madrid is ready to include a release clause of 100 million euros in the proposed agreement.

Apart from the transfer fee, the most successful club in Europe is also offering Mbappé an eye-catching salary. They are willing to pay him 50 million euros per season as his salary at Real Madrid. This would make Mbappé the highest-paid player in the history of Real Madrid. In addition to the salary, Real Madrid will offer Mbappé a five-year contract that will remain valid until the summer of 2028.

However, Marca and RM Sport have reported that Real Madrid executives are approaching this matter cautiously. Fulfilling PSG's demand for 200 million euros would cost Real Madrid around 400 million euros, including salary expenses. This is something that concerns the officials at Real Madrid, according to Marca and RM Sport.

That's why the executives at Real Madrid have put the news of salary and personal terms negotiation with Mbappé on hold!

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