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Ghizlane Chebbak A Shining Star in Moroccan Women's Football

 Ghizlane Chebbak A Shining Star in Moroccan Women's Football

Ghizlane Chebbak A Shining Star in Moroccan Women's Football
Ghizlane Chebbak A Shining Star in Moroccan Women's Football(Image-Getty)


Ghizlane Chebbak, born on February 19, 1991, is a prominent Moroccan professional footballer known for her prowess as a forward. She has left an indelible mark on both the domestic and international stages of women's football, earning accolades and recognition for her exceptional skills and contributions. This article delves into Chebbak's impressive journey, from her early days to her current accomplishments.

Early Life and Background:

Hailing from Casablanca, Morocco, Ghizlane Chebbak was born into a family with a strong football legacy. Her father, Larbi Chebbak, was a notable player for the Morocco men's national team during the 1970s, setting the stage for Ghizlane's own remarkable journey in the world of football.

Club Career:

Ghizlane Chebbak's club career began in 2012 when she joined ASFAR, showcasing her talents on the domestic stage. Her tenacity, agility, and goal-scoring prowess quickly earned her a reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the field. Representing ASFAR, Chebbak has consistently exhibited her dedication and passion for the sport, contributing significantly to her team's success.

International Stardom:

Chebbak's international career has been nothing short of remarkable. She made her debut for the Morocco women's national team in 2007, marking the beginning of a journey that would see her become a key figure in Moroccan women's football. With an impressive tally of 63 appearances and 21 goals for the national team, Chebbak has consistently demonstrated her ability to shine on the international stage.

A Defining Moment: Africa Women's Cup of Nations 2022

One of the pinnacle moments in Ghizlane Chebbak's career came during the 2022 Africa Women's Cup of Nations. Her exceptional performances throughout the tournament earned her the prestigious title of Player of the Tournament. Chebbak's skillful dribbling, clinical finishing, and ability to create opportunities for her team stood out, leaving an indelible mark on the championship and solidifying her status as a rising star in women's football.

Personal Life:

Beyond her accomplishments on the field, Ghizlane Chebbak's personal life remains a source of inspiration. Her dedication to the sport, coupled with her commitment to achieving excellence, serves as a testament to her unwavering determination.

Career Statistics:

Throughout her career, Chebbak's contributions have been pivotal in achieving victories for her club and country. Her club domestic league appearances and goals, combined with her national team caps and goals, stand as a testament to her impact on the game.

Honours and Legacy:

Ghizlane Chebbak's achievements have earned her well-deserved recognition and accolades. Her contributions have played a crucial role in Morocco's success in various tournaments, including the UNAF Women's Tournament and the Women's Africa Cup of Nations.


Ghizlane Chebbak's journey from a young football enthusiast to a celebrated professional footballer is a testament to her dedication, talent, and passion for the sport. Her impact on Moroccan women's football serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, both within the country and beyond. As she continues to make strides on and off the field, Chebbak's legacy is sure to endure, leaving an indelible mark on the world of women's football.

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