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Messi's Heroics Propel Inter Miami to Semifinals with 4-0 Victory

 Messi's Heroics Propel Inter Miami to Semifinals with 4-0 Victory

Messi's Heroics Propel Inter Miami to Semifinals with 4-0 Victory
Messi's Heroics Propel Inter Miami to Semifinals with 4-0 Victory(Image-Getty)

In the previous four matches, there were 7 goals. In the Liga Cup, Inter Miami's match is akin to Lionel Messi's goal. In the fifth match, the deviation from that pattern did not occur. However, this time Messi kept the fans and supporters waiting for the goal until the 87th minute of the match. Messi took Inter Miami to the semifinals of the Liga Cup by scoring a goal in the 5th consecutive match. With this goal in this match, his goal tally in Inter Miami's jersey now stands at 8.

Before Messi's goal at the stadium today, Inter Miami's place in the semifinals was already assured. In the first half, they were 2 goals ahead, and in the second half, an own goal in the 78th minute brought Miami ahead 3-0. Then Messi's goal was like the "icing on the cake". Despite keeping the goal, Miami's supporters left the field satisfied with Messi's presence.

In contrast to the previous matches, Charlotte tried to keep Messi somewhat quiet in the first half. Messi managed to take only one shot in this half. The opposition goalkeeper thwarted Messi's shot in the 30th minute. Although they managed to keep Messi's goal at bay, Charlotte couldn't hold Inter Miami from going ahead with 2 goals in the first half.

Even after that, Messi had opportunities to score goals. In the 12th minute of the match, Messi could have written the goal near his name if he had taken the penalty. However, Josef Martinez took the shot instead of Messi. This forward didn't miss, extending the lead to 3-0 with a confident shot. After that, Miami's supporters left the field satisfied, despite not scoring more goals.

After a break, both teams tried to score goals. Charlotte showed a bit more openness and even reached close to scoring several times. However, they couldn't overcome Miami's defense. On the other hand, Miami also tried to increase their lead. Messi created threats for the opposing defense multiple times. In the 69th minute, he took a shot from inside the box that almost turned into a goal. However, Charlotte's goalkeeper managed to save the shot. Despite their efforts, Miami went ahead 2-0.

Despite not scoring another goal, Messi's aggressive play led to Inter Miami's third goal. Tailor tried to clear the ball from the danger zone on the right side near Charlotte's defense. His shot hit Taylor's leg and went out of bounds, resulting in a corner kick for Inter Miami. With Messi's involvement, Miami secured their 4-0 victory. This win takes Inter Miami to the semifinals of the Liga Cup.

In the end, after a bit of anticipation, Messi lifted the spirits of Miami's fans and supporters by scoring in the 87th minute. With his goal, Inter Miami secured a 4-0 win. With this victory, Inter Miami has reached the semifinals of the Liga Cup.

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