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Klinsmann Seeks Positive Support for South Korea Ahead of Asian Cup

 Klinsmann Seeks Positive Support for South Korea Ahead of Asian Cup

Klinsmann Seeks Positive Support for South Korea
Klinsmann Seeks Positive Support for South Korea(Image-Getty) 

South Korea's coach, Juergen Klinsmann, has called for support from fans and the media to foster a "positive spirit" around the national team as they intensify preparations for the upcoming Asian Cup in Qatar. This appeal comes amidst criticism of the team's performances since Klinsmann took charge, as well as questions about his time spent in Korea.

Initially scheduled to stay in Europe to monitor national team players with their clubs, Klinsmann returned to Seoul to evaluate players participating in the domestic league. He emphasized the importance of building a positive atmosphere, stating, "It's vital that everybody builds a positive spirit. The fans, the media, and the team, obviously."

Klinsmann acknowledged that there will be ample time for criticism and decisions if things don't go well, but he stressed the need for support during the lead-up to a tournament. He believes that the national team, fans, and media should work together to believe in the team and create positive momentum.

In preparation for the Asian Cup, South Korea is scheduled to play friendly matches against Tunisia and Vietnam next month. Klinsmann holds the belief that they have the potential to win the tournament, drawing on his extensive experience, including winning the 1990 World Cup as a player.

The coach emphasized the importance of gradual progress and maintaining team health in the lead-up to the tournament, indicating that he knows how to time preparations effectively for such events. Klinsmann's focus is on the team's growth and well-being as they approach the Asian Cup.

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