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Bonucci Takes Legal Action Against Juventus Over Exit Dispute

 Bonucci Takes Legal Action Against Juventus Over Exit Dispute

Bonucci Takes Legal Action Against Juventus
Bonucci Takes Legal Action Against Juventus (Image-Getty) 

Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci is pursuing legal action against his former club, Juventus, following a reported dispute with manager Massimiliano Allegri that ultimately led to his departure from the club.

Bonucci, aged 36, had a lengthy association with Juventus, spanning 12 years over two separate stints with the team. However, he found himself excluded from Allegri's squad for the pre-season tour in the United States and the home friendlies leading up to their Serie A season opener on August 20.

As a result of this situation, Bonucci and Juventus mutually agreed to terminate his contract, enabling his transfer to Bundesliga side Union Berlin on the deadline day.

In an interview with Sport Mediaset, Bonucci revealed his decision to take legal action against Juventus, stating, "I have decided, after great suffering, to take the path of a lawsuit towards Juventus." He emphasized that his contractual rights should have guaranteed him the opportunity to train with the team, regardless of the manager's technical choices, and to be physically prepared for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, this opportunity was not provided, and he felt "drained of everything" and "humiliated."

Bonucci made it clear that his legal pursuit is not driven by financial motives, and if he were to win the case, he intends to donate all proceeds to charity. He expressed no animosity towards Juventus, highlighting that Juventus includes the fans, the team, and his former teammates.

His motivation for the lawsuit is to hold accountable those who, he believes, did not allow him to conclude his career at Juventus with respect and dignity.

The extended period of exclusion from training also resulted in Bonucci missing out on a call-up to the Italian national team under new manager Luciano Spalletti. However, Bonucci remains determined to continue playing and hopes to earn his place in the national team once again.

He praised Spalletti for privately informing him of his decision before the official announcement and expressed his commitment to representing Italy as passionately as he did for Juventus.

Bonucci also revealed aspirations to return to Juventus one day, not as a player, but as a coach. He expressed a desire to connect with the fans and convey the importance of Juventus in his career when that time comes.

As of now, Juventus has not issued an immediate response to Bonucci's legal action.

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