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Matheus Nunes: From Football Pitch to Baker's Oven

 Matheus Nunes: From Football Pitch to Baker's Oven 

Matheus Nunes: From Football Pitch to Baker's Oven
 Matheus Nunes: From Football Pitch to Baker's Oven (Image-Getty)

Prior to his return to his former club, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Matheus Nunes indulged in a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, reconnecting with a part of his past. The Portuguese midfielder took a moment to revisit his days working in a bakery in Portugal, a chapter in his life that unfolded while he was making his way up the ranks in youth football.

Embarking on a remarkable journey at Manchester City, Nunes ventured to the Flat Baker, situated in the heart of Manchester's Ancoats neighborhood. It was here that he had the opportunity to meet with seasoned chefs and immerse himself in the art of crafting pastel de natas, a quintessential Portuguese custard tart.

During his time at the bakery, Nunes candidly shared the story of his life leading up to this moment, reflecting on the winding path that eventually led him to join the ranks of the European champions just a month ago. He also expressed his profound admiration for the esteemed Pep Guardiola, revealing his aspirations for what he hopes to achieve during his tenure at the Etihad Stadium.

All the while, Nunes sported an apron and wholeheartedly engaged in the process of creating the cherished Portuguese delicacy, a task he was undertaking for the very first time. As his pastel de natas took shape, he generously distributed these delectable treats to the locals, who were eager to savor the fruits of his labor. Furthermore, the bakery's boss, Debora, graciously tasted Nunes' initial foray into baking.

Given his rapid success on the football pitch at City, one might wonder if Nunes possesses the same innate talent for baking, and whether he can excel in this endeavor as swiftly as he has in his footballing career.

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