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Paul Pogba Temporarily Suspended: Doping Test Raises Questions

 Paul Pogba Temporarily Suspended: Doping Test Raises Questions

Paul Pogba Temporarily Suspended: Doping Test Raises Questions
Paul Pogba Temporarily Suspended: Doping Test Raises Questions(Image-Getty)

French World Cup-winning midfielder Paul Pogba has been temporarily suspended from football after testing positive in a doping test. The truth of the matter regarding any banned substance usage is yet to be confirmed, but this situation could potentially jeopardize Pogba's future with Juventus.

Pogba's agent, Raiola Pimenta, has confirmed the matter. Several Italian news outlets have reported that Pogba tested positive in a doping test.

On August 20th, he played for Juventus in a Serie A match against Udinese. The team secured a 3-0 victory that night. However, Coach Massimiliano Allegri did not include Pogba in the lineup for that match. After the game, as part of a routine check-up, his health was examined.

Italy's National Anti-Doping Organization has indicated an increase in the testosterone level (the primary male sex hormone produced in the testes, which aids in physical strength) in the test. Testosterone assists athletes in enhancing their performance on the field. Further examinations and investigations are necessary to confirm the presence of the substance. If it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, Pogba may face a four-year ban from football.

Although Pogba's temporary suspension from football has been confirmed, his agent Pimenta has made the claim, "Paul Pogba has never wanted to do anything against the rules. We cannot say much more until we have full investigative reports."

Pogba's club career has taken him back and forth between Manchester United and Juventus. After returning to Juventus from Manchester United last year, he is currently dealing with an injury. He was unable to play for France in the Qatar World Cup last year. He has played only 52 minutes in 2 matches in the new Serie 'A' season. He has come off the bench twice.

Please note that this is a developing story, and further updates and investigations will provide more clarity on the situation.

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