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Portugal: Still Ronaldo-Dependent?

 Portugal: Still Ronaldo-Dependent?

Portugal: Still Ronaldo-Dependent?
Portugal: Still Ronaldo-Dependent?(Image-Getty)

Portugal's Big Win Raises Questions Against Luxembourg—Does the Portuguese National Team Still Need Cristiano Ronaldo for Next Year's Euro Championship?

After Portugal's significant victory against Luxembourg last night, a question has arisen—does the Portuguese national team still require Cristiano Ronaldo for the upcoming Euro Championship next year? Many may wonder why such a question arises all of a sudden regarding the team's captain.

Ronaldo is now 38 years old. After losing to Morocco in the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup, many speculated that this might be the end of Ronaldo's international football career.

However, that is not the case. Portugal has seen a change in leadership after the World Cup, with Rui Jorge taking over as the team's coach. Under the new coach, Ronaldo has been performing well. Since the World Cup, Ronaldo has played five matches for Portugal and scored five goals.

Despite facing some challenges in Saudi Arabian football during the first season, Ronaldo has been in excellent form since the start of the new season. Playing 11 matches for Al Nassr so far, he has scored 12 goals.

However, in the latest match representing Portugal, Ronaldo couldn't make a significant impact. Instead, he received a yellow card for a tackle on the Slovakian goalkeeper, which resulted in him being suspended for the match against Luxembourg last night.

In Ronaldo's absence, it seems like Portugal has performed even better. They defeated Luxembourg 9-0, marking one of Portugal's biggest wins in history. Before this match, Portugal had three 8-0 victories in their history.

Questions have been raised about whether Ronaldo is still necessary for Portugal, even after such a dominant win. Midfielder Danilo Pereira, who scored in Ronaldo's absence, was asked whether Portugal still needs Ronaldo. Pereira responded, "Even if Cristiano Ronaldo were here, the outcome might have been the same. He might have helped with goals and assists, but it's not like he's the sole reason we won 8 or 9-0."

However, Portugal's coach, Rui Jorge, believes that Ronaldo is vital for the team's success. He mentioned, "We've seen what Gonsalo Ramos can do, and Diego Jota has performed well too. We need players like them who can secure wins. This team is special. There's no need to compare them to others. Cristiano is important. But, even without him, we're prepared to win."

As of now, Ronaldo has played 201 matches for Portugal, scoring 123 goals. He holds the record for the most international goals in football history.

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