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Papu Gomez's Doping Test Linked to Son's Cough Syrup

 Papu Gomez's Doping Test Linked to Son's Cough Syrup

Papu Gomez's Doping Test Linked to Son's Cough Syrup
Papu Gomez of Argentina celebrates the World Cup victory with the trophy during the World Cup match between Argentina v France at the Lusail Stadium on December 18, 2022 in Lusail City Qatar(Image-Getty) 

Argentinian forward Papu Gomez has attributed his recent failed doping test to an unlikely cause, citing his son's cough syrup as the source of the detected substance. This explanation comes after Serie A club Monza confirmed the imposition of a two-year ban on the World Cup-winning footballer, as announced on Friday.

Monza, in their official statement, revealed that FIFA, the global governing body of football, enforced the ban following the discovery of terbutaline in Gomez's sample. Terbutaline is commonly used to alleviate bronchospasm crises.

Taking to Instagram, Gomez vehemently denied any deliberate use of banned substances, stating, "I have never used, nor ever had any intention (of) using doping methods." He elaborated, clarifying that the presence of terbutaline in his system was the result of accidentally ingesting a spoonful of his toddler's cough syrup, emphasizing that the therapeutic use of terbutaline is permissible for professional athletes and does not enhance football performance in any way.

This controversy arises from a test sample collected during Gomez's tenure with LaLiga club Sevilla in October 2022, further complicating the matter.

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