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Temecula FC: Overcoming Hurdles, Building Community

 Temecula FC: Overcoming Hurdles, Building Community

Temecula FC
Temecula FC


Brandon Jantz and his Temecula FC have fearlessly navigated the competitive landscape of Southern California youth soccer, and they're poised to advance in the 2024 Open Cup Qualifying Rounds.

Situated in the bustling hub of the Old Town Temecula marketplace, Brandon Jantz, the club's owner, oversees the sole amateur team in Southern California with its very own team shop.

In the midst of a relatively quiet Thursday morning during the early days of Fall, as the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Qualifying season unfolds, Jantz busily deliberates over roster choices for The Quails' upcoming tournament match scheduled for Saturday, October 21. As he engrosses himself in preparations, the gentle jingle of the door chime announces the arrival of an elderly couple.

Temecula FC
Temecula FC

Amidst the backdrop of framed team jerseys adorning the entryway wall, the couple explores the memorabilia, evoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the sport. The Temecula FC-themed soccer store occupies a substantial portion of the shop, showcasing an array of balls and gear available for purchase. The remaining space accommodates essential operations such as jersey pressing, a training bench, and a modest office equipped with a desk and a monthly calendar adorning the wall.

Greeting the visitors, Jantz offers his assistance, initiating a brief conversation about their interest in soccer. As they share their connection to the sport, highlighting their acquaintance with Megan Rapinoe's family and her twin sister, a warmth of camaraderie infuses the exchange. Delving into the store's offerings, the couple takes a quiet tour before expressing their appreciation for the establishment and the sport that has fostered their connection.

Reflecting on the interaction, Jantz acknowledges the profound influence of soccer, emphasizing its unifying power that extends beyond individual players or teams.


Jantz's soccer odyssey took him across the expanse of non-league English football in the early 2000s, an experience that left him physically marked but emotionally bound to the sport and its profound impact on smaller communities.

Reflecting on his journey, Jantz underlines the undeniable allure of the game, emphasizing how the passion it ignites remains undiminished, whether one is playing at renowned stadiums like Old Trafford and St. James Park or in the intimate setting of a non-league ground.

Following his stint in the now-defunct A-League with Orange County Zodiac and the Boston Bulldogs, Jantz's trajectory shifted towards coaching at the youth and amateur levels, recognizing the untapped potential within his community.

Encountering resistance in his attempts to implement an English-style philosophy in his initial coaching roles, Jantz refused to settle for complacency. This determination led him to establish Temecula FC in 2013, driven by the conviction that there was more to be done.

Undeterred by obstacles, Jantz's vision took root with the inception of the youth club, gradually gaining momentum. However, opposition from other youth clubs surfaced, fearing a potential exodus of players to Temecula FC. Undeterred, Jantz persisted, witnessing a gradual but substantial increase in support as the club's presence began to take root within the community.


Temecula FC, thriving with a dedicated fan base and successful league matches hosted at Chaparral High School, faced an unexpected setback when their lease was abruptly revoked over spurious claims of vandalism and property damage.

Jantz, taken aback by the sudden turn of events, expressed his shock, recounting the profitable operations and regular games that were swiftly interrupted. Unable to challenge the school district's decision within the allocated time frame, the club was compelled to cover significant travel expenses to conclude the league season, prompting Jantz to seek external financial support to sustain the club's operations.

"We had to pay field and referee fees at other team's fields to finish the season," Jantz recounted, highlighting the financial strain that ensued. Despite the mounting losses, the unwavering support of the soccer community proved instrumental in helping the club stay afloat during this challenging period.

A silver lining emerged when a custodial staff manager present at a Temecula FC match debunked the purported property damage, prompting the team's reinstatement to host games at the high school. Jantz attributed the ordeal to the intricate interplay of politics within the youth soccer landscape, suggesting that the episode was marred by the influence of a rival youth club's connection to a decision-maker.

As the club weathered the storm, the subsequent challenge presented itself in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting a comprehensive reassessment of both the club's financial framework and its competitive structure.


Last season, Temecula FC, known for its adventurous spirit, ventured to Mexico for a league match against PAOK Tijuana FC, marking a significant milestone as the sole U.S.-based amateur club to undertake such a journey.

Undeterred by hurdles, Jantz's pursuit of higher-level competition prompted the club's transition from the NPSL to the Southwest Premier League (USASA) in early 2022. Under the stewardship of the newly appointed head coach, Ignacio Gachuzo, the team has gained renewed confidence and a clear sense of purpose, bolstering their performance and unity.

The team's recent achievements in the NISA Nation campaign have invigorated the club, with an impressive unbeaten record of 7-1-0, narrowly missing the league title by a goal-differential tie-breaker. Despite this success, Jantz remains humble, crediting the collective effort of the staff and players for the club's remarkable journey.

Reflecting on the club's progress, Jantz highlighted the challenging landscape of youth soccer, underscoring the club's resilience in overcoming various obstacles both on and off the field. While navigating through the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic, the club's commitment to fostering a supportive environment is evident in its new, spacious storefront serving as a community hub.

With an eye toward the future, Jantz emphasized the club's commitment to nurturing young talent and creating a lasting legacy within the community. As the club prepares for the upcoming Third Round Open Cup Qualifier against Santa Monica Surf, Jantz's vision for Temecula FC continues to revolve around instilling passion and fostering a sense of belonging for players, fans, and the broader community.

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