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Arteta's Call for Authenticity in Football Dialogue

 Arteta's Call for Authenticity in Football Dialogue

Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal
Mikel Arteta, Manager of Arsenal, celebrates with Declan Rice after the team's victory during the Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Burnley FC at Emirates Stadium on November 11, 2023 in London, England.(Image-Getty) 

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta emphasized the importance of honest opinions and genuine emotional responses from coaches in contributing to the sport's growth. This comes in the wake of his recent charge by the English FA for criticizing the video assistant referee's decision during Arsenal's defeat to Newcastle United.

In a press conference, Arteta defended his right to express opinions, stating his longstanding support for the league, players, and referees. He asserted that providing authentic reactions is inherent to the emotional nature of the game, without which the sport might lose its appeal.

Addressing potential instructions from the FA to regulate player and coach behavior, Arteta called for specificity in expectations. He highlighted the need for detailed guidelines rather than broad, general directives to effectively improve conduct during games.

Arteta expressed willingness to cooperate with any constructive measures but urged for a nuanced approach, cautioning against sweeping evaluations based on isolated incidents. He emphasized the importance of consistency in standards over time, referencing the potential impact of past behaviors on present evaluations.

Having communicated his perspective to the FA in writing, Arteta welcomed the dialogue as a means to collectively enhance the game. He stressed the shared desire among referees, managers, officials, sporting directors, and journalists for continual improvement in the sport.

As Arsenal prepares to face Brentford, Arteta's focus remains on the game, with the team trailing leaders Manchester City by a single point in the standings.

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