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Lewis Hamilton Praises Vinicius Junior's Socrates Award Win

 Lewis Hamilton Praises Vinicius Junior's Socrates Award Win

Lewis Hamilton Praises Vinicius Junior's Socrates Award Win
Vinicius Junior attends the 67th Ballon D'Or Ceremony at Theatre Du Chatelet on October 30, 2023 in Paris, France.(Image-Getty) 

Lewis Hamilton expressed a profound sense of pride as he reflected on Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior being honored with the prestigious Socrates Award during the recent Ballon d'Or ceremony. Hamilton vowed to persist in his advocacy against racism, echoing his unwavering commitment to social activism.

The recognition bestowed upon Vinicius, who has endured racial abuse during LaLiga games in the past two seasons, stemmed from his commendable efforts in establishing a foundation dedicated to constructing schools in underprivileged areas and investing in education within his native Brazil.

In an interview with Reuters ahead of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, Hamilton emphasized the resilience and bravery exhibited by those confronting such adversities, lauding the spirit of fortitude displayed by individuals like Vinicius.

Having previously stood in solidarity with Vinicius following the distressing episode of racial slurs hurled at the athlete by fans at Valencia's Mestalla Stadium, Hamilton lamented the impact of such discriminatory behavior, characterizing it as "devastating."

Knighted in his home country and granted honorary Brazilian citizenship, Hamilton recounted the privilege of meeting the 23-year-old forward at the Italian Grand Prix, commending Vinicius for his infectious energy and positive contribution to the sporting community. Known for his fervent advocacy for minority groups and environmental causes, Hamilton underscored the significance of Vinicius' commendable recognition and influence as an ambassador for his people and culture.

In the wake of being nominated among the top 10 for the Ballon d'Or, Vinicius reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to combatting racism, emphasizing his determination to remain resolute in this ongoing struggle. The Vini Jr. Institute, established in 2020, aspires to leverage the widespread popularity of soccer to foster innovative teaching and learning practices within Brazilian public schools, with a vision to benefit up to 15 schools and 10,000 students by the conclusion of 2023.

Hamilton's admiration for Vinicius' exemplary leadership resonated in his acknowledgment of the athlete's well-deserved acclaim, emphasizing the honor not only as a testament to Vinicius' athletic prowess but also as a recognition of his pivotal role as a spokesperson for his community and culture.

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