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Messi's World Cup Gift | Nadal Celebrates Anniversary with Special Jersey

 Messi's World Cup Gift | Nadal Celebrates Anniversary with Special Jersey

Nadal Celebrates Anniversary with Special Jersey
Nadal Celebrates Anniversary with Special Jersey(Image-Getty) 

Messi's World Cup Gift
Messi's World Cup Gift(Image-Getty) 

At this time in 2022, Argentina's people and their national team's fans around the world were going crazy with the joy of winning the World Cup after 36 years. And now they are celebrating the anniversary of that sweet memory. Rafael Nadal's academy has also joined this event to celebrate the anniversary of Argentina's World Cup win. The academy authority posted the photo of Lionel Messi's special gift to tennis superstar Rafael Nadal on social media.

The photo, posted by the Rafael Nadal Academy, shows Messi's signed number 10 jersey in a glass box. The jersey featuring the three stars is accompanied by signature footballs and boots. These gifts are mainly kept in the Rafael Nadal Museum. Messi's message is also written in the caption attached to the photo of this special gift from Messi. "With love and respect for Rafa," Messi wrote while giving the gifts.

Posting a photo of Messi's gift, Nadal Academy wrote, 'One year after winning the World Cup. Messi gave Nadal a special jersey. We have now put it on display at the Rafael Nadal Museum.' Nadal's academy is located in Manacor, Spain. Here mainly work is done to develop young players.

Earlier, both Messi and Nadal had praised each other at various times. After Argentina's loss to Saudi Arabia, Nadal said, "Argentina still deserves to win the World Cup." Nadal's words later came true. And after Messi won the World Cup, Nadal said, "I am happy that Messi won the World Cup." I like how Messi won the World Cup. How they were received in their own country.

And after being nominated together for the Laureus Male Sportsman of the Year award, Nadal said: 'Go ahead Lionel Messi. You deserve it.' And in response, Messi wrote, 'Great athletes like you leave me speechless. Thank you Rafael Nadal. The way you fight on the court, you deserve to win everything. you are a winner We still have a lot to give, don't we?'

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