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Michele Lacroix: Kevin De Bruyne's Wife

 Michele Lacroix: Kevin De Bruyne's Wife

Michele Lacroix: Kevin De Bruyne's Wife
Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City celebrates with his wife, Michele Lacroix and family during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Chelsea FC at Etihad Stadium on May 21, 2023 in Manchester, United Kingdom. (Image-Getty)

There exist various individuals named Michele Lacroix, and one notable figure is the spouse of Kevin De Bruyne, a prominent player for Manchester City, as well as a member of the European Commission's Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.

Michele Lacroix and Kevin De Bruyne have shared a romantic relationship since 2014, culminating in their marriage in 2017. Their union has been blessed with three children—a pair of sons and a daughter.

Apart from her role as the wife of a well-known footballer, Michele Lacroix has gained recognition as an Instagram personality, sharing glimpses of her life and family with her substantial following of 300,000 followers. Moreover, she holds a position of significance in the realm of sustainable finance as a member of the European Commission's Technical Expert Group. Additionally, Lacroix serves as the Chair of the Project Task Force on Climate-Related Reporting at EFRAG.

It is worth noting that Kevin De Bruyne's past relationship with Caroline Lijnen was marked by controversy. Lijnen allegedly cheated on De Bruyne with his fellow Belgian teammate Thibaut Courtois in 2014. Lijnen justified her actions as a form of retaliation for De Bruyne's alleged infidelity with her best friend. This scandal resulted in a strained relationship between De Bruyne and Courtois, sparking a notable rivalry between the two footballers.

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