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Neymar is angry with the Brazilian press

Neymar is angry with the Brazilian press

Neymar is angry with the Brazilian press
Neymar is angry with the Brazilian press(Image-Getty)

 Recently, a fake screenshot of a student named Jessica Canedo's alleged love affair with Brazilian YouTuber and comedian Hunderson Nunes went viral on social media. Several media outlets in Brazil began to spread the news by assuming it to be true.

Although Nunes and Canedo have denied the relationship from the beginning. They don't know each other, they even claim to have never met. However, Brazilian entertainment journalist Rafael Sousa Oliveira hosted a discussion on the issue on his Instagram and X account 'Chokei'.

Jessica Canedo could not easily take baseless news and programs about herself. The 22-year-old girl committed suicide yesterday. The country's civil police (investigating state police) also registered Canedo's death as a possible suicide case.

The incident of this death quickly went viral in the net-world, which had a negative impact on the girl in the society. Neymar heard the news about the alleged love affair between YouTuber Nunes and student Canedo and the news of Canedo's death. Neymar has criticized the media of his country about this.

The Al Hilal striker, who has been struggling with injury, took to Instagram Stories today to vent his anger. He wrote, 'Speaking to the haters. You who spread hatred, who think yourselves possessors of omniscience and truth, who are saintly, never make mistakes; Congratulations to them. You have hunted another.'

Neymar also wrote to all types of media in Brazil, 'They should be very careful about what they publish. I really hate people who say bad things about someone else under the guise of their identity. The race to be the first to break the news (without fact-checking) can end someone's life. Not everyone is mentally strong.'

On October 17, Neymar tore the left knee ligament in the World Cup qualifying match against Uruguay. He underwent knee surgery on November 2 at a hospital in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Since then he has been undergoing rehabilitation. It will take at least another eight months to fully recover and return to the field. So he will not be able to play in Copa America next year.

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