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Ronaldo's Christmas gift to Marcelo's son

 Ronaldo's Christmas gift to Marcelo's son

Liam Alves Marcelo
Ronaldo's Christmas gift to Marcelo's son(Image-Twitter) 

'More than a teammate, brother...' - Cristiano Ronaldo posted this on social media in June last year after it was almost certain that Marcelo would leave Real Madrid. The former Brazilian left-back left Real in September of that year. Although Ronaldo left Real four years ago, his relationship with his former team-mate is even deeper. The friendship between the two at Real became quite intense and that friendship still lasts. Al Nasr star sent a gift to Marcelo's son this Christmas.

In 2008, Marcelo married longtime girlfriend Clarice Alvez. Liam Alves, the second son of the star who won the league six times and the Champions League five times for Real, was born in 2015.

A post on his Instagram account yesterday revealed Liam Ronaldo's gift. The gift is Al Nasr Ronaldo's number 7 jersey. Ronaldo signed the jersey and sent it to Liam Alvez. Overjoyed to receive this gift, Liam wrote in a post on Instagram, 'Chris, thank you so much. i love you You are my role model.

Ronaldo and Marcelo played together for 9 years at Real. That is from 2009 to 2018. They formed a great duo in the attack, the two kept the opposition at bay on the left side of the field. Since Ronaldo joined Real in 2009, the friendship between the two grew.

Many pictures and videos of their killing in practice have been seen many times on social media. Ronaldo and Marcelo played together in 332 matches for Real. Both have contributed to a total of 33 goals. Among them, Ronaldo scored 25 goals, Marcelo scored the remaining 8 goals.

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