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Barcelona Misses 'New Messi' as Manchester City Secures Etcheverry Deal

 Barcelona Misses 'New Messi' as Manchester City Secures Etcheverry Deal

'New Messi'   Claudio Etcheverry
Claudio Etcheverry

A few days ago he said about his dream to go to Barcelona. Barcelona also wanted to buy him. But at the moment, Barcelona does not have the financial ability to buy Claudio Etcheverry, known as the 'new Messi'. Besides, Echeverri's dream has also changed in the past few days. As a result, Barca had to withdraw from the race to buy him. According to European media, City have completed the process of bringing Etcheverry to the team. An official announcement may come at any moment. Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, however, has confirmed that the deal has been completed.

After watching Etcheverry's performance in the Under-17 World Cup, Manchester City and Chelsea entered the field desperately. At the beginning, Barça was in the running. Barcelona coach Javi Hernandez praised him after scoring a hat trick against Brazil.

Echevario said in a speech about his dream of playing in Barca, 'I want to play as Barca like River Plate. I am a big fan of Messi. I grew up watching him play at Barca. I have been following River Plate and Barca since childhood.

However, it has been proved once again that there is no final say in party change. In the end, Barca could not compete with City. In fact, his friendship with another Argentinian forward Julián Alvarez, who plays at City, is believed to have played a major role in the deal.

Several European media reported that City is going to sign a contract with 17-year-old Etcheverry until 2026. However, due to his age, he is not coming to England now. He will remain at Riverplate until December 2024 after completing the formalities of the contract.

After that, the Argentinian forward will officially start his new journey for City. Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano said that a verbal agreement has been reached between the two parties regarding the contract. Manchester City will complete the deal process this week.

Apart from spreading light in the U-17 World Cup, Etcheverry also impressed for Riverplate. He is being called the 'New Messi' because of his similarity in style of play with Lionel Messi. In the eyes of some, Echeverri is a mixture of Messi and Diego Maradona. Now it is waiting to see how he performs for City with the weight of these adjectives.

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