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Mbappe and other 'free agents' who will be eyed this year

 Mbappe and other 'free agents' who will be eyed this year

Mbappe and other 'free agents' who will be eyed this year

Winter shift has started. There are many speculations about the possible transfer of star players. In June 2024, many players, including Kylian Mbappe-Thiago Alcantara, will again become free agents at the end of their contracts.

However, if they want, they can sign an early contract with another club in January. Anyone can renew the contract if they want. Apart from Mbappe-Alcantara, this list includes stars like Angel Di Maria and Georginio.

Change of party and Kylian Mbappe-drama seem to be tied together. This has been a familiar sight for several seasons. Real Madrid have tried almost every season to sign the PSG forward since the summer transfer in 2021. But failed every time. The Mbappé issue has come to the fore again in the winter transfer. However, the European media say that Real will try Mbappe for the last time. Now or never.

They have already contacted Mbappe. But PSG want to keep Mbappe, although the task will not be easy for them. Mbappe's contract with PSG will end in June this year. The 'Los Blancos' camp want Mbappe to confirm now that he will join Real after his contract expires in June. But PSG may not give up easily. It remains to be seen if any new drama will be staged with Mbappe, who will become a free agent after six months.

Thiago Alcantara


Thiago Alcantara has an inseparable relationship with injuries. There is little doubt about his ability in the field! However, due to injury, this midfielder did not get a chance to match himself in that way. This Spanish star is still out of the field with an injury for almost a year. However, Alcantara can still be a great asset to Jurgen Klopp's team if he recovers.

In the meantime, it is also heard about his return to the field. However, his contract with the "All Reds" will expire next June. It remains to be seen whether Liverpool will offer the injury-prone Alcantara a new contract, or whether he will move to a new address as a free agent. In the meantime, however, there are strong rumors of his return to the Spanish club Barcelona.



A few days ago, the Italian midfielder Georginio was considered the best midfielder of the time. But that Georginio is now largely out of the question. Jorginho came from Chelsea to Arsenal last January, surprising everyone. This Italian also left his mark on the performance of the 'gunners'. However, Jorginho has lost importance this season after the arrival of Declan Rice. Then last November, Jorginho said, he wants to return to Italy after the contract with Arsenal ends in June. Maybe Jorginho will complete a contract with an Italian club this month.

Angel di Maria


World Cup-winning Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria's career has now entered its twilight. In the meantime, Di Maria has announced his retirement from international football after this year's Copa America. Although currently playing at Benfica, Di Maria is no longer a key player there either. Benfica's new contract with him after the expiry of the term also seems almost impossible now. Di Maria is expected to leave Benfica at the end of the season as a free agent. Now it remains to be seen if anyone comes up with a new proposal for Di Maria.

Adrian Rabio


Juventus' contract with French midfielder Andrean Rabiot will also expire after six months. However, it was heard a few days ago that Juventus is interested in renewing his contract for another year. Manchester United are also rumored to be interested in buying him. Nothing is certain yet though. We will have to wait for some more time to know the final decision.

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