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England's 'golden generation' players have no foothold in the role

 England's 'golden generation' players have no foothold in the role

Wayne Rooney
Birmingham City manager Wayne Rooney looks on during the Sky Bet Championship match between Sunderland and Birmingham City at Stadium of Light on November 11, 2023 in Sunderland, England.(Image-Getty) 

Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes and Sol Campbell—the names that inevitably come to mind when talking about England's golden generation in the nineties and beyond. Although the list of achievements in the jersey of the national team was not rich, they became Maharathi in club football.

They established themselves as one of the best footballers of their time by spreading light in English football. Along with the name, the legendary status is also added. He won all the important trophies for his respective clubs. These stars, who were very successful as players, later walked the path of coaching. But so far no one has found the ground under his feet as a coach. After failing in the beginning, some have moved away from the path of coaching. Interestingly, these 6 won only 1 trophy together.

Wayne Rooney is one of England's golden generation stars. Won all possible titles in Manchester United jersey including 5 Premier League trophies and 1 Champions League trophy. Rooney holds numerous records, including the most goals for United and the second most in an England jersey. In 2020, he started his coaching journey by taking charge of Derby County.

But as a coach he did not get even a splash of Rooney's success as a player.

So far, Rooney has managed to win nothing by coaching for three clubs. Rooney was finally sacked by Championship club Birmingham City on January 2. This legend was sacked after only 15 and 83 days in charge. Rooney also worked as a coach for DC United before this. But could not settle there either. I had to lose my job before a year. Rooney has won only 40 matches after coaching 155 matches as a coach. The win rate is only 25.8. Where the future takes Rooney now remains to be seen.

However, the story of Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is different. Gerrard has won several trophies including the Champions League for Liverpool. This former English midfield general said goodbye to football in 2016 and started his coaching career. Gerrard initially worked as a coach for Liverpool's age group. In 2018, he took charge of the Scottish club Rangers. Gerrard also won the Scottish Premiership title in 2020–21.

This success brought him to English club Aston Villa. But Gerrard could not do well for the club at Villa Park. He had to leave the club with the responsibility of a failure. Gerrard is currently working as a coach for Saudi Arabian club Al Ittifaq. There, however, his team is not in good condition in the first season. Gerrard's team's position in the Saudi Pro League is number 8 after 19 matches. Gerrard has won 145 matches in 254 matches as a coach so far. However, he did not win more than one title with a win rate of 57.1 percent.

Frank Lampard retired in 2016 with 3 premierships and 1 Champions League. This legendary Chelsea player started working as a coach from 2018. Like Rooney, his first club was Derby County. From there he came to Chelsea in 2019. Chelsea trusted Lampard as the son of the house. But the former midfielder could not repay that trust. Chelsea have lost two tournament finals under him. He was sacked mid-season in January 2021 due to failure.

Then in January 2022, Lampard was made coach by Everton. But he could not do much there either. Prune again in the middle of the season. Lampard returned to Chelsea as acting coach in April last year. But he had to move after Mauricio Pochettino took over. In his coaching career, he won 81 matches in 196 matches, lost 71 matches and drew 44 matches. However, Lampard is not in charge of any team yet. It is waiting to be seen if you can change your destiny in the future.

Although now best known as a football pundit, Gary Neville also has a coaching history. The Manchester United legend started his journey as England's assistant coach in 2012. Then he was seen as the coach of the Spanish club Valencia in the 2015-16 season. That responsibility, however, did not last more than 28 matches. He had to stop with 10 wins, 11 losses and 7 draws. After that, Neville did not return to coaching.

Paul Scholes was considered one of the best midfielders of his time. He has many trophies in his possession including 11 league titles and 2 Champions League titles for Manchester United. Following his retirement, Scholes became caretaker manager of Salford City for one match in 2015. He also owns this club along with Neville, Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt. After a long break, he returned to coaching in 2019 with the responsibility of Oldham Athletic. This time, the duration of his responsibility is 7 matches. Less than a month in terms of time. Later he became the interim coach of Salford again. Scholes' career graph, however, suggests that he was not as focused on coaching.

Campbell's coaching career, however, was much longer than that of Scholes. The former Arsenal star began his coaching career at lower-tier club Macclesfield. After serving in 30 matches for this club, Campbell won only 8 matches. He then coached Southend. This time in 23 matches he can win the team in only 4 matches. His win rate in 53 matches was only 22.6 percent.

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